Never A Dull Moment

I have so much to share with you this week! (Warning: I may get a little long-winded today!)

First up, I want to thank all of you who have contributed pictures and information for my Gimbels project. Please keep it coming!

It seems the consensus among my loyal customers is that you would like to see the painting set at dusk during the holidays. I suppose that makes sense, as my Kaufmann’s and Horne’s paintings were also set in that time and season. If I can pull this off, it will make a lovely addition to your Pittsburgh (or any!) wall display. The reason I didn’t paint it 20 years ago was the lack of available information from that time period. Today I was at the main library in Oakland, but they had no photos. I called the Heinz History Center’s library, but they didn’t have anything either. They gave me the name of a fella to call at the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, so I’ll try that next.

So, this week’s question is…what do you remember about the display windows at Christmas? How about Gimbels’ entrance under the big awning that they had in the 50s, 60s and maybe 70s? Thanks in advance!

As promised, here is the finished double portrait of the children I mentioned last week. The owners of the new painting absolutely loved it as much as I was hoping they would. One of the best moments for me when I unveil a commissioned project is when the new owner first sees the painting. I can usually tell from the look in their eyes if I can exhale and relax. The whole process has been an exceptional experience, and I was honored to create this special piece for them. It’s now at the printer to make print copies for the family, and then it’s off to the framer before it’s welcomed into its new home.

The other exciting update is that the new mug and coasters I introduced at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden show are now available online. I love the rich, vibrant colors, and I think you will too. Visit my website to check out these new products!

Last, but definitely not least, I had a visit from Santa Claus! He happened to be on vacation in the Burgh, taking a break from the North Pole for a few days and stopped by to say hello. While he was visiting, my grandgirls were thrilled to speak with him on a Facetime call. He asked the twins if they would make him some artwork for his refrigerator back home, where it will share space with art from boys and girls around the world. He sent me this photo once he got back to the North Pole. How cool is that – my grandgirls’ artwork on Santa’s refrigerator!

I hope all of you have a great week and enjoy the beautiful weather. As for me, I will be focused on my Gimbels project. Wish me luck!

Down by the Sea

What a week it has been!

Though we were all over the place last week, we still had time for some holiday fun at home, dyeing eggs with our little granddaughters. They’re growing up so fast, always curious, and always in motion. They keep us moving, too! We can always count on them to make us laugh. Sometimes they keep us so busy that we end up with sore muscles, especially the ones around our mouths and eyes with all that smiling and squinting! We feel very blessed that they live nearby so we can be very involved in their lives.

For the first time in forever, Tom and I took a little break for Easter weekend and drove to Ocean City, Maryland. Most of the time, the weather wasn’t cooperating – it was windy and really cold. But Easter Day was absolutely perfect, from the moment we woke up, to stargazing that night on Assateague Island with the wild ponies. I always feel close to God when I’m by the water, and this little break really helped my heart and my mind relax, breathe, and just be.

Of course, as soon as we returned home, it was back to the studio. Next week, I hope to be able to show you the finished version of the portrait I shared with you last week. And as soon as that’s done, I start painting the old Gimbels Department Store! I’m still looking for reference photos, so if you have any old photos of that building in downtown Pittsburgh, I’d really appreciate it if you would share them with me. (And many thanks to those of you who have shared already!)

Meanwhile, can I ask your advice about my upcoming Gimbels painting? Should the setting be daylight or dusk? Summer or winter? I’m wide open for suggestions this early in the process, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Finally, there’s something new coming to my website very soon! Here’s a glimpse of my new line of art gifts. Those of you who made it to the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show may have seen and/or purchased the first six coasters in my new “collectibles collection.” They will soon be available on my website.

For example, here’s my “Ice-Ball Treats with Gus and Yia Yia” painting on a 4” x 4” hardboard sturdy coaster with a nonslip cork back. The colors are rich and vibrant and will stand up to pretty much anything to provide years of use and enjoyment. The great thing about art coasters is that they remind you of happy memories, and they’re functional as well! You can start your collection online at … coming soon!

Christmas on My Mind?

Spring may be busting out all over (especially in my garden), but I’m already thinking about Christmas!

You see, I spent most of first quarter 2023 working on a private commission. But thanks to our spontaneous trip to London and Paris, the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show, and out-of-town guests, I have yet to put the finishing touches on this double portrait of two lovely children in their grandparents’ home, enjoying the family’s model trains.  I was thrilled tonight when I called my client to ask if I could share this painting with you, and he said “Yes!”

Early in January, when I arrived at their home for the photo shoot, I was greeted by whole family – the grandparents, parents, and adorable grandchildren. I was a little nervous about it because my good camera wasn’t functional, and I knew I would have to use my cell phone. I also wasn’t sure how the young ones would react to a stranger with a phone in her hand, crawling around on her hands and knees in their grandparents’ home.

In the end, I didn’t need to use any of that energy worrying. As a matter of fact, we had a delightful time! They made me feel like part of the family. The little boy wasn’t quite old enough to fully understand what we were trying to do, so we just let him be himself. After a while, he sat down on the fireplace seat. As if on cue, his big sister sat next to him, and I got a nice series of photos of them interacting. He really loves trains, and once we added a train to the scene, it all flowed naturally from there. Big Sister is holding her favorite ornament in one hand while showing her brother the train on her lap.

Basic photos of the children looking at the camera and smiling would have made a beautiful picture, but to me, the pose we decided on made this more than just a standard portrait. I told them that I’ll give them all the photos I took that day, but this is the one that will make a great painting and a precious memory for years to come.

I asked each person about their favorite ornaments, and each in turn showed me the one they love best, reliving their memories of Christmas Past with love reflected in their eyes. As I planned out the painting, I put them near the tree. I placed the train on the platform just so – not too far back and not too far forward. Later, I asked the grandfather if I could take a more detailed photo of the locomotive that his granddaughter was holding so I could add detail. The rug at the bottom of the painting… well, that might do me in! We will see.

I’m actually a lot farther along than you see here. So why can’t I show you where the painting stands now? There’s a good reason. As I paint a commission, I typically take photos all along the way and text them over to the client as part of the experience. The client has already seen all the photos up to this point. They have loved and approved each update, and I’m confident they’re going to love the finished piece. It will give me something to unveil… and anyway, I kind of want to surprise them a bit at the end!

So obviously, I can only share with you what I have already shared with them. I promise I’ll show you the rest of the painting here when it’s finished!

In other news, now that Tom’s retired from the ministry, and Easter’s no longer his busy season, we decided to hop (Easter Bunny joke!) in the car last weekend to find out what Easter is like in Ocean City, Maryland. This was actually our very first Easter together that wasn’t spent in Pittsburgh. It felt like we were cutting class and playing hooky!

Being an ocean girl born and raised (in fact, I think I might have salt water in my veins), I can’t believe I’ve never been to Ocean City! We had a great time. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

“Come Up and See Me Sometime!”

Well, I finally did it! I have officially set up my store in my Home Studio. I’ve created a display of all my fun gift items and my prints around a well-lit area right next to my painting space. So now when you stop by, you can shop and also see the latest project I’m working on. Visits will still need to be scheduled in advance to make sure you don’t arrive to an empty studio if I’m out gardening, shopping, or at a show.

To make an appointment, just call me at 888-748-8278 (it rings through to my cell phone). A visit can be set up for morning, noon, or even night… I’m happy to be at your service!


Finding the perfect little gift for someone can be hard sometimes. A nice, warm, fuzzy, nostalgic memory with a very personal touch just might be the answer! So I hope you’ll think of me when you’re deciding on a unique gift for someone special.

Last week, a favorite artist friend of mine was in a customer’s home to paint a mural, and she sent me a photo of her client’s “Kennywood Wall.” It was fun for her to see it and quite an honor for me to receive her text. Creating your own Pittsburgh room, amusement park room, or even a year-round Santa room can be fun! It just so happens that I have original paintings, prints, mugs, and coasters that can help you make that dream come true.

Now while I have your attention… may I ask a small favor?  I am currently looking for any and all photos of the old Gimbels Department Store at Sixth and Smithfield in Downtown Pittsburgh. Why didn’t I paint it 20 years ago? I don’t know, but finally its time has come! I have some pretty good photos to start with, but I could use a lot more. Specific areas that I really need to get a better look at include under the main-entrance awning with the steps heading down to Gimbels Basement (otherwise, I might have to put a in a streetcar to cover that area!). Also, photos featuring Gimbels display windows would also come in handy.

Do you have a personal story about Gimbels? I’d love to hear it! My favorite memory was from the early 1980s. I was a newcomer to Pittsburgh, having just gotten married in 1980. Tom and I would often come downtown to shop, making the rounds of the Big Three stores – Horne’s, Kaufmann’s, and Gimbels – but Gimbels had the best art department, and I always made sure to stop there to shop for paper and pencils.

Gimbels, sadly, is long gone, and I was never able to create a painting of it because I didn’t have access to good photos. Now I have a few and could probably piece it together… but I sure would appreciate it if you could help me out.

So, thanks in advance, and have a great week!

And don’t forget to give me a call if you’re in need a gift!

Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss It!

Can you believe it’s already the final weekend of the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show? It’s what we vendors often call “Marathon Weekend.” The show is open tonight until 9 pm, Saturday 10-9, and Sunday 10-6. Then it’s time to break it all down again!

I would love to see you this weekend at Booth #3146 (at the front end of the 3100 aisle). This year’s show has been a real treat for me. My new mugs have been a major hit!

And my ideas for what I’m going to paint this year are definitely coming together. The plan is to return to my favorite subjects – nostalgic places and (as Rick Sebak says) “things that aren’t there anymore.” Why not stop by my booth and ask me what they might be… or maybe come up with a place I haven’t thought of?

And remember — there’s still time to take advantage of the in-person special of 25% off selected lithographs! Hope to see you this weekend!

Every Picture Tells a Story

Each and every painting I have at this year’s Home and Garden Show tells a story. And there’s also the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Both are true, whether it’s a picture of a memory of growing up in Pittsburgh or perhaps a place you visited on vacation.

I’m bringing a number of my original paintings to the Home and Garden Show this year – about 20 soft pastel paintings with rich, radiant colors and a depth that can only be appreciated when seeing an original in person.

We realized today that we needed more paintings, so I’m preparing three more to take with us in the morning. The photo above shows just a few of my original paintings that will be displayed and available for purchase at my booth. In fact, we’re still selecting artwork for the booth. It may be a bit last minute, but I feel like it’s really coming together!

After weeks of work, it’s finally SHOWTIME! The show starts tomorrow, Friday, March 3rd, and as always, you can find me in Booth #3146. This year, I’ll have a full 9 x 30-foot display – that’s 10 feet bigger that last year! And it’s filled to the brim with my paintings, prints, and gifts.

This post wouldn’t be complete without a shout-out to my amazing family – they’ve been so patient with me and so very helpful. I couldn’t possibly do this show without them. I believe I speak for all the Barnicotts when I say that we’re all super excited for it to begin!

Here’s an easy way to find me once you’re in the Convention Center – when you go up the escalators, look for the Letter “A” above the doors to the exhibit floor… just go through, and I’ll be right there!

Do you have a special birthday, anniversary or other occasion coming up? Let me help you make it special! I’ll have my gold and black pens available for signing your art purchases, and I can also personalize your piece.

✨ March 3rd through March 12th, you can take 25% off selected lithographs at the show. That includes paintings like “Let’s Go Bucs at PNC Park,” “Remembering Roberto Clemente,” my Kennywood series, and many of my paintings of our city. (Does not include giclée prints.) Look for the dots that say 25% off! ✨

Can’t wait to see you at the show!

Countdown to the Home and Garden Show!

In less than one week I will be loading up my U-Haul truck for the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show at the David L Lawrence Convention Center. I still can’t believe this will be my 27th year at the show. And you would think after 27 years that I wouldn’t forget how long it actually takes me to prepare for it. If you were a butterfly on my wall, you would see a flurry of activity all day and all night!

I’ll also have some of my original pastel paintings for sale at my booth this time around. I always feel a bit uncomfortable taking my precious originals out of my home studio, but I want you to see the real deal this year! Soft pastels are such a beautiful medium and must be seen to appreciate their depth and vibrancy, not to mention the exquisite museum framing surrounding them.

Right now, I have in hand and will be bringing to the show my new 15-ounce mugs featuring three of my most popular classic paintings: “My Hometown,” “Wishing under the Horne’s Tree,” and “Meet Me under Kaufmann’s Clock, Too!” They are very sturdy with bold, rich colors, and you can reminisce over  that perfect morning cup of coffee (make mine tea!).

Also making their debut at the show are my new hardboard coasters in six designs. So you may be wondering “Why did Linda choose to add them to her collectibles?” or “What’s hardboard, anyway?”  Well, when I saw the samples, I couldn’t help myself – the colors were so radiant and the images were so crisp. Hardboard is a really strong yet lightweight material, and the coasters have a cork backing so they won’t slip or damage your table. They’re not on my website yet, and I have only a limited supply for the Home and Garden Show.  They’ll be available later, but if you’d like a set (or just one, if you prefer), be sure to stop by earlier in the show so you don’t miss out!

…Which reminds me to mention once again: Everything I have at the show will be in limited supply. My best advice is to shop early.

March 3rd through March 12th, you can take 25% off selected lithographs. That includes paintings like “Let’s Go Bucs at PNC Park,” “Remembering Roberto Clemente,” my Kennywood series, and many of my paintings of our city. (Does not include giclee prints.) Look for the dots that say 25% off!

Springtime is the perfect time to decorate with the Linda Barnicott Collection! I hope to see you at the show. Wish me luck with set-up!

What’s New?

It’s full-on Home and Garden Show preparation time, and my living room and dining room are starting to look like a warehouse! We’re as busy as Santa’s elves in December, getting prints and giftware ready for the show. And like Santa himself, I’m making a list and checking it twice to make sure this show is epic!

Last week I asked if you had any guesses about what kind of new art gift I was creating for the show. I’ll have nearly 150 of them at the show for purchase. I hinted that it will show three classic pieces of mine, and you can hold it in your hand.

Well, here’s a sneak peek. It’s been a very long time since I’ve carried mugs. I decided to bring them back because I really fell in love with this design. Each mug holds a whopping 15 ounces! (More coffee? Yes, please!) They will be fully stocked in time for the show!

I’m also picking up another new line of art gifts tomorrow that I’m very excited about, but you’ll have to wait a little bit longer for that one. What I can tell you now is that you’ll love the color!

Because of the state of my house these days, it’s definitely not a good time to have company over for dinner. So instead we reached out to friends we met back in 1996 at the Home and Garden Show in the old Convention Center… you know, back when I was the only artist on the second floor, and my booth was inbetween the bathtubs and windows?

My friend and helper Sondra and I had stayed at the booth a little past closing time, and as we were wrapping up, a couple walking down our aisle stopped to talk to us. That was the day they acquired their first Barnicott painting, and since then, they’ve put together quite an impressive collection of my art.

Today Tom and I had the opportunity to visit their beautiful home. They’ve often mentioned how big their collection was getting; sure enough, it seemed like my art was just about everywhere but the furnace room! Their wonderful home is truly a reflection of their passion for life. I feel so honored and blessed to have known them all these years. They’re definitely the reason why I never leave a minute early from the Home and Garden Show, or any of my shows… because if I do, I might miss a dear friend whom I have yet to meet!

The Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show runs from March 3rd through March 12th down at the David L Lawrence Convention Center. Hope to see you there!

The First Sign of Spring In Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show is just over three weeks away, and things are already getting intense! I’m super excited that I’ve been invited to do an interview with KDKA’s Pittsburgh Today Live that will air on the first day of the show, March 3rd!

At this point, I’m one of the longest running exhibitors at the show as I celebrate my 27th year as an exhibitor. Just like last year, I’ll be in the same spot (Booth 3146/8) at the beginning of Artists’ Row. I’ll even be displaying some of my original paintings this year for the first time in over a decade. If you are a collector of original art, this is a great time to see the real deal!

The Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show at the David L Lawrence Convention Center runs from Friday, March 3rd through Sunday, March 12th. I promise you the joint will be hopping, and I’m not just talking about the Easter Bunny! I can’t wait to see you there!

Also, something new will be making its debut at my booth this year. I’ve been working on a special new art gift item that includes three classic pieces of mine that you can hold in your hand. Any guesses? Quantities are limited for now, but I’ll have over 100 of them at my booth available for purchase at the show.

Meanwhile, show preparations continue while I’m currently working on two painting commissions. I’m also sorting through ideas for my next Pittsburgh painting in 2023… but more on that later!

P.S. – Thank you for all the wonderful comments about our trip. It’s so tempting to jump on a plane and go back! Maybe I could be a street artist on the banks of the Seine? I know, I know, duty calls, and patience is a virtue. But I can dream, right?

Across the Pond and Home Again

I’m back in the States now, basking in the glow of the wonderful memories we made in the last two weeks. This was my first trip abroad, and it was everything I hoped it would be.

Tom and I were on our own (not with a tour), so we did a lot of exploring on our own to get a real taste of both England and France in the short time we were there. The architecture was spectacular, and the food was delicious! But Tom and I agreed that the best part was getting to know some of the people there. Whenever possible, with every personal interaction we asked their name and introduced ourselves. We loved hearing their accents, and naturally we hardly had to open our mouths before they knew we were Americans!

Even the weather cooperated with our plans – believe it or not, we only had about five minutes of rain the entire time we were in London and Paris.

Of course, visiting historic churches was on our to-do list! We attended Evensong at Westminster Abbey, a service that has been celebrated there for a thousand years. And in Paris we visited the beautiful 13th-century Sainte-Chapelle, marveling at the exquisite stained glass windows.

I couldn’t help taking a photo under UK Smile by a red phone booth. It seemed like the perfect way to represent my journey!

Here are a few of my impressions from my travels that I want to share with you…


  • “Mind the gap between the train and the platform” – this phrase is permanently stuck in my brain!
  • Steps everywhere! All the public restrooms were down a flight of stairs, and sometimes it was quite scary!
  • “Proper flat water” (What exactly is “improper” water?)
  • New buildings among some of the oldest buildings I’ve ever seen.
  • Energy amounts are listed under Nutrition Facts on the back of drink bottles.
  • Rarely does anyone talk on the Tube (subway).
  • London truly is a melting pot, with people of every nation and ethnicity.


  • Lots of bicycles everywhere!
  • Busy, just like NYC, where navigating the sidewalks is like playing chicken – no one wants to move out of the way first!
  • I failed at speaking any French, but they were kind enough to take pity on me and speak English.
  • History was everywhere in Paris, and the architecture was exceptional.
  • We had hoped to see Monet’s home and garden in Paris, but it was closed for the winter season. We had to “settle” for seeing the originals in the museum!
  • The Seine River was beautiful with all the riverboats and the vendors along the road.
  • I had crepes, and they were delicious!
  • Meals are very slow paced. Food isn’t just consumed, it’s celebrated. (Getting your check in a restaurant could be hard!)

It was inspiring, artistic, and certainly left us wanting more! Tom and I feel truly blessed that we had this chance. I hope it’s just the first of more trips to new and exciting places.

So returning to reality… today was my first day back in the studio. This week, I’ll be getting into the swing of things with my painting projects, not to mention getting ready for the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show that opens in just a little over a month!

P.S. – Check out my website,, for gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements… or just plain fun-to-gift pieces!