Is It Fall Yet?

An image of a line of trees in the fall.

So here we are in the first week of October… can you believe we’re two weeks into Fall, and it still feels like Summer?  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to bust out my denims and sweaters, put on my farmer hat, and dive into the sensory experience of the wonderful colors and smells of the Fall season.  But Summer just won’t give up!  Not to worry though – it looks like we’re headed for a change in the weather just in time for my first Fall Festival of the season this weekend.

This Saturday, I’ll be at the Harvest Festival at the Sunset Hills United Presbyterian Church at 900 Country Club Drive in Mt. Lebanon (15228) from 9 am to 3 pm.  You can find me at Table #15 in the church. There will be lots to do featuring lots of art and crafts, a Scouts pancake breakfast, bake sale, live music, food trucks and games.  Click here for details.

The final painting in my Jolly Old Elf series, “Santa and His Woodland Friends,” is coming along nicely.  As promised, here’s a peek inside the process as the painting takes shape.

This image shows some of the progression of Linda Barnicott's newest painting, Santa and His Woodland Friends

Notice how the next step after the sketching phase is creating a watercolor underpainting. I do this to give me a map for when I apply the soft pastels, my personal favorite medium. That’s when the painting really starts to come to life.  I hope you’re enjoying the details so far!

Finally, I wanted to let you know that I’ve already placed the final order for the limited number of “Shhhh!” throw blankets for the holiday season. We’re barely into October, and there are only 22 left!

Santa Claus holding Linda Barnicott's new throw blanket that features her "Shhhh!" painting.

The “Shhhh!” throw, created from one of my most popular paintings in the Jolly Old Elf series, will make your home feel cozy and warm, reminiscent of an old-fashioned Christmas.

Now this lovely limited-edition throw blanket is available for purchase in a custom 100% cotton woven jacquard throw blanket. Each blanket is 52″ x 68″ and created with a multitude of colors and is made here in the USA.

If this is a gift you would like for yourself, family or friends, don’t delay.  Again, they’re available on a first come/first served basis, and inventory is very limited.  For more details or to place your order, click here.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Brittany Barnicott, Linda Barnicott's daughter, poses inside of her booth at the Mt. Lebanon Artists' Market.

It sure has been a busy week! Last weekend we were on the go non-stop, juggling two outdoor shows. Starting early Friday morning, setting up our booth at the Washington County Covered Bridge Festival, it seemed like we had no sooner put that show to bed than the alarm went off pre-dawn on Saturday morning, telling us it was time to set up for the Mt.Lebanon Artists’ Market. I swear I must have lost 5 pounds with all the running around between the two shows! And it didn’t help that Summer decided to give us one last taste of heat! But as always, I had a lot of fun.

Once I recovered from the weekend, I was able to give my full attention to my favorite (definitely not summery) project  – namely, the very last painting in my Jolly Old Elf series, my Woodland Santa. This piece has been taking shape in my head for a long time.  I’ve been doing my homework, taking pictures, trying to get all the elements just right. This is the theme that inspired my Santa series, and it’s the one I’ve dreamed about the most… which is the reason I saved it for last. And now the time has come!

As I imagined and researched the elements of this piece (the working title is “Santa and his Woodland
Friends”), I was thinking about how I wanted to portray all the little critters gathered around Santa, as if he had come to visit and they were joyfully greeting him. I wanted each one to have their own personality, each one delighted to see their friend, the Jolly Old Elf himself.

Here’s the very first preliminary sketch, which may change as the painting evolves. Keep an eye out for future emails, where you can follow along with the process as the painting takes shape.

This image features a sketch of Linda Barnicott's new, and final, Santa painting.

As I work on the final Jolly Old Elf painting, don’t forget that the latest completed painting in the series, “Wishes for Santa,” is now available on my website. “Wishes for Santa” is #9 in the series and depicts Santa holding court on his fancy throne at Kaufmann’s Department Store.

Linda Barnicott's newest painting "Wishes for Santa" features Santa sitting in an ornate chair, holding a small boy while a girl stares up at him.

There’s quite a bit of history hiding in this painting… not only are the two children with Santa taken from childhood images of a certain artist and her husband, but the suit Santa is wearing was created with the same pattern that was used to make the Santa suits for Gimbels back in the day. And Santa’s majestic chair is preserved for posterity and now resides at Heinz History Center. “Wishes for Santa” will make a wonderful nostalgic addition to your home for the holidays… or a perfect gift for any former child who remembers the awe and excitement of that annual visit with Santa.

Linda Barnicott's daughter, Alyssa Stadelman, and her family: husband, Jon Stadelman, and daughters Aria, Abigail, and Autumn.

Speaking of children… in honor of National Daughters’ Week, I’d like to give a shout out to my beautiful daughters and granddaughters. I am grateful – not just this week, but every day – to have been blessed with such strong, kind and compassionate daughters. They’re always ready to help out their mom in a pinch!

I hope you (and the fabulous daughters in your life) have a great week!

Fall Festivals and Holiday News!

An image of Linda Barnicott's show booth with a her paintings displayed.

No sooner did I get back from my relaxing week down at the shore than it was time to get ready for this weekend’s shows… especially as I have two shows running simultaneously this weekend! Since I can’t be in two places at the same time, it’s a good thing I have Tom to represent me.  He’s the next best thing to a clone!

On Saturday, I’ll be at the beautiful Ebenezer Covered Bridge in Mingo Park as part of the Washington County Covered Bridge Festival.  Over 70 artists will be showing their creations, and there will be handmade crafts, live entertainment, historical re-enactments and homestyle food, as well as plenty of activities for kids.

On Sunday, I’ll change venues to the Mt. Lebanon Artists’ Market on Washington Road.  Again, Tom will be where I am not. Thank heavens for his helping hands… and that his Sundays are free now 🙂

The weather forecast is predicting a gorgeous fall weekend… sunny and pleasant and with a 100% chance of great art, crafts and food! Come on out and enjoy the good weather while it lasts – and maybe even start your holiday shopping early.

An image of Linda Barnicott's new Christmas blanket featuring her painting "Shhhh!"

Just a quick reminder – my “Shhhh!” Santa Blanket is currently available for pre-order. This lovely 100% cotton throw blanket is priced at $99.50. They will be delivered in plenty of time for the Christmas holidays.

A limited number of blankets will be made, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Until then, they’re available on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t miss out on this unique, cozy throw, sure to become a family favorite.

So… I saved the big news for last!

Linda Barnicott's newest painting "Wishes for Santa" features Santa sitting in an ornate chair, holding a small boy while a girl stares up at him.

I’m proud to present my latest painting in the “Jolly Old Elf” series (#9), “Wishes for Santa,” which is being released today.  If you’ve been following the last couple weeks, I’ve described the story of how the painting was created and how it progressed over time.  It’s available as a 9 x 12″ print here.

Now check this out…

The first 28 customers who order “Wishes for Santa” will receive a genuine historic pin from Santa’s own collection.  These are the pins that he actually gave to the children who visited him when he held court at the department store!

“Wishes for Santa” makes a great Christmas wall decoration for your home or as a gift for someone special!  Order yours today… I’ll even sign it in gold!

PS – The Washington County Covered Bridge Festival runs from Saturday, September 21 through Sunday, September 22 at a number of beautiful and/or historic locations in Washington and Greene Counties. (I will be at the Ebenezer Covered Bridge in Mingo Park.) Visit their website for locations and more details –

The Mount Lebanon Artists’ Market is also on Saturday and Sunday, September 21 and 22, in the Academy Avenue parking lot just off Washington Road in Mount Lebanon.

My Secret Garden — Before & After!

A photograph of Linda Barnicott's backyard prior to being re-designed.  A photo of Linda Barnicott's newly re-designed backyard.
Remember how I mentioned last week that I hadn’t had time to enjoy my backyard yet? This week we made great progress on finishing the landscaping for my “Secret Garden.” Of course, as an artist, I saw it as another blank canvas just waiting to be painted. After a ton of digging, weeding, and planting, Tom and I are just one arbor, five bushes, two plants and one Japanese Maple away from finishing our Secret Garden. Once it’s ready, it will be my place of Zen and possibly my new outdoor studio when the weather is nice.
But the last week hasn’t been all gardening… I also just finished my new Santa painting, “Wishes for Santa.” In next week’s post, I’ll show you the process from the first sketch until the last marks were placed (I was actually still making changes to it the other night at midnight!).
And if you read last week’s post, you may have seen something brand new I’ve created that’s being released for the 2019 holiday season only!
An image of Linda Barnicott's "Shhhh!" painting with information about how to pre-order her new throw blanket. Pre-order information can be found on the home page.
For a limited time, you can order a new original Christmas Throw Blanket of the painting “Shhhh!”, the first painting of my “Jolly Old Elf” Series.
This Santa Claus throw will remind you of an old-fashioned Christmas, with colorful Christmas lights and a toasty warm fire. You can almost smell the pine! This cozy throw will not only keep you warm but will also make a lovely addition to your home holiday décor. And did I mention it also makes a wonderful gift?
My “Shhhh!” throw blanket – made right here in the USA – is 100% cotton woven jacquard in a multitude of rich colors and measures 52 x 68 inches.
Again, it will only be available for a limited time, and orders need to be in by Thanksgiving to guarantee Christmas delivery. I’m overwhelmed by the number of orders so far, and quantities are limited, so get yours now before they’re gone!
This year, why not get something unique for your family and friends (or yourself!)?

Something New in Santa’s Bag This Year

The image shows a close up of Linda Barnicott's new throw blanket featuring her painting "Shhh!" Santa Claus is holding his bag of toys while standing beside a Christmas tree.

How can it be time for me to get started on the holiday season already? I haven’t even had time to enjoy my backyard garden yet!

Though summer will soon be just a memory, I’m very excited for the holiday season this year – I have something really big in store for 2019… something new and special I’ve created that will only be available for a limited time.

Despite the summer heat, I was thinking not long ago about the things that remind me of a cozy, old fashioned Christmas. Things like hot cocoa with marshmallows, listening to carols, and baking cookies. One of the things I pictured was cuddling under a soft, warm throw on a cold winter night with someone you love.

Then I wondered… what if I could put one of my Jolly Old Elf paintings on a throw blanket? I immediately thought of “Shhhh!” – the first painting in the series and still one of my biggest sellers.

So now for a limited time (this holiday season ONLY), I’m offering this plush “Shhhh!” 100% cotton woven jacquard throw blanket. The blankets are a generous 52″ x 68″ with a tapestry look in a multitude of colors. They’re even made right here in the USA. And as you can see, they have Santa’s approval!

Santa Claus holding Linda Barnicott's new throw blanket that features her "Shhhh!" painting.

My Santa blanket would make a wonderful and unique Christmas gift for someone special… or perhaps a lovely addition to your own home for the holidays!

Pre-order your blanket today!

Post-Picklesburgh Projects

Linda Barnicott, Pittsburgh's Painter of Memories, sitting on the ground of the Clemente Bridge with a pickle balloon.

Picklesburgh was tons of fun!  Who knew there were so many pickle-loving people in Pittsburgh?

You never know who you might meet at a show… and thanks to one of those random encounters, long story short, Grandpa Joe’s Candy Stores will soon be carrying my Pittsburgh-themed magnets.

I also wanted to let you know that my work is now available at Pittsburgh International Airport! The two main stores are the new Pittsburgh Exchange and the Black and Gold store as well as five Travel Marts. As you can see, they have done a wonderful job of displaying my work.

Two photos: one of Linda Barnicott in one of the stores at the Pittsburgh International Airport. The second photo features her work displayed at a store in the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Now that Picklesburgh is part of the past (won’t you miss all my “P” alliterations?), it’s August… time to think about Christmas! At least it is for me, as I’m starting to work on the first of my final two Santa Claus paintings in the Jolly Old Elf series.  Here’s a sneak peek at the very first sketches!


The initial sketch of Linda Barnicott's newest Santa painting featuring Santa sitting with a baby and a little girl looking up at him adoringly. The baby is Linda's husband, Tom Barnicott, and the little girl is Linda Barnicott as a child.

Anyone recognize the chair Santa is sitting in? If you guessed Santa’s Chair at Kaufmann’s Toyland, you’re right!  For many years, this was the throne where Santa sat, hour after hour, patiently listening to little children (or kids of all ages!) telling him what they wanted for Christmas.

In this year’s first Jolly Old Elf painting, Santa has two very special children sitting on his lap…

Months ago, my cousin was going through pictures and came across one of a little girl – in a sailor suit, no less! – gazing up adoringly at Santa Claus. Yes, it was Yours Truly, with my hands folded just so, fascinated just being in the presence of the Big Guy, sure that he would magically bring me exactly what I asked for.

Since the beginning of the series, I had been thinking it would be cool to do a painting where the artist and Santa appeared together, and this photo provided just the inspiration I needed to do it.  Thank you, Ruth Ann, for thinking of me!

Then one day Santa and I were talking about the painting, and he reminded me of how I always find a way to put Tom in my paintings.  Maybe a young Tom could be one of the children on his lap? In a split second, I remembered seeing an old picture of Tom looking up at his dad, who was showing him a toy train while sitting on the floor in front of their Christmas tree. So we got out the old family slides and had a fun night of popcorn and memories!

The next step was setting up the photo shoot for this Christmas scene… in July.  A very hot July. I needed Santa to pose for me once again in his full “uniform.” But he was a good sport about it! It’s a good thing he loves Christmas so much.

We used a stuffed bear to hold Tom’s place on Santa’s lap, and after a few shots, I got the perfect pose.  Next question – what should he be holding? We considered a toy train… a wrapped present…  maybe an old coloring book?  Santa is a collector of vintage Christmas items, and he happened to have an old toy catalog from Kaufmann’s. What could be more perfect than little Tommy bringing along the catalog so he can show Santa exactly what he’s wishing for?

I’ve just started painting the Kaufmann’s “Santa’s Throne” part of the piece. It’s a challenge because of the intricate detail of this beautiful chair, but it will be worth the effort to bring back happy memories for those former children who once sat on Santa’s lap.

What are your memories of childhood visits with Santa?

Pittsburgh’s Pickle Party Proves Particularly Popular

Pittsburgh's Picklesburgh Proves Particularly Popular Blog Featured Image of the Picklesburgh Festival and Logo

Tom and I are back from Sedona. We’ve traveled to many different places around the US and Canada, and we agreed that Sedona was definitely one of the most beautiful areas we’ve visited.  So the big question is… Would anyone out there like to see some paintings of brilliant red rock against gorgeous green trees in a majestic mountain setting? Hint: It just may happen!

This image features Linda Barnicott with her husband, Tom, in the mountains of Sedona, Arizona.

So now that we’re back, the first order of business is preparing for Picklesburgh 2019 this weekend! Our plane may have landed on Monday, but my feet have barely touched the ground since then – driving around, running from place to place, collecting all my gift items and prints from their makers… most importantly, the newly framed original Picklesburgh painting, just in time for the weekend’s festivities!

This image features the different products available with Linda Barnicott's new painting "Pickle Fun In Pittsburgh": print, borderless 8x10, sandwich tray, mint tray, ornament, coaster, and pint glass.

I was thrilled to hear that the number of my tent was 57 (think “Heinz 57!”). I’m in a prime location on the city side of the Clemente Bridge near Fort Pitt Boulevard , on the right if you are heading across the bridge toward the North Side, where I’ll be fully stocked with all kinds of new gift items, new Picklesburgh prints, and a whole lot more.

Picklesburgh – now with the title of “America’s #1 Specialty Food Festival” – has doubled in size since last year, with even more live music, contests, demonstrations, and of course, many pickled products. And where else can you get a selfie with a giant Heinz Pickle balloon?

The fun begins at noon on Friday and runs until 6 pm Sunday. Hope to see you there!

Where in the World is Linda Barnicott?

Linda Barnicott with husband Tom in Sedona, Arizona.
We had a wonderful time in the desert in Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is such an inspiring place for an artist. The desert landscape feels exotic and unique to this particular artist from Back East, with its dramatic, austere beauty so different from the lush green hills of western Pennsylvania that I’m used to.
We had lunch with an old schoolmate of Tom’s who lives and works there. When they asked if I might paint Sedona someday, my immediate response was “Absolutely yes!” I think I could paint Sedona forever and never run out of inspiration.
Though our time in Arizona has been relaxing, it’s time to return home to work and family. We left Sunday night on a red-eye and won’t actually get home until Monday afternoon. No direct flights this year! On the bright side, I have plenty of time to work on the second portrait of my twin granddaughters.
While most people on vacation sit by the pool or read a good book to chill out, that’s not me! I, of course, would rather be sketching… especially sketching my grandchildren. It’s something I really don’t get a chance to do at home because I’m so busy with other projects and daily routine.
An original sketch by Linda Barnicott of her granddaughter, Autumn Stadelman.
Autumn’s was the first portrait I finished. I wanted to sketch Autumn first because she is having some medical tests last week, and I felt like it was a constructive way of keeping her in my thoughts while we waited. In fact, I spent some time each day of our vacation doing just that.
For Abigail’s portrait, I’m basing it on a photo that was taken of her the very first time she stood on her own, using the couch as a prop. She was so happy and proud of herself! Stay tuned to see how it turns out.
The desert in Sedona, Arizona.
Though I had fun and recharged my batteries in Arizona, I’m excited about returning home. Next week will be action packed, getting ready for Picklesburgh – named America’s #1 Specialty Food Festival for 2019! – one week from today.
I’ll be there manning my booth from Friday through Sunday (July 26th – 28th), with all kinds of new art gifts that will debut at the Festival. Then when that’s over, I’ll be settling into the studio to start my 2019 Santa paintings, the final year of the Jolly Old Elf series. Maybe painting winter scenes will help me forget about the heat?

From Deluge to Desert

Linda Barnicott with husband, Tom Barnicott, on vacation in the mountains.

I’m on the road again this week – Greetings from Red Rock Country, Sedona, Arizona!

As we enjoy some downtime in the dry desert, it’s hard to believe that just a few days ago we were manning my booth through a very wet (and also hot!) weekend at the Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival. It rained through almost the entire show, but despite the weather, there was a great turnout, with so many precious moments shared with folks stopping by my tent.

One of the fun features of the Festival is the Town Crier, who strolls around the festival grounds with his bell, announcing all the different activities and events. On Friday afternoon, he appeared on the corner next to my tent, ringing his bell. I was busy, so I wasn’t paying much attention… until he proclaimed, “This year’s winner of the Westmoreland Art Award is… Linda Barnicott!” I nearly fainted! My prize was a fancy ribbon and – even better! – a free booth at next year’s show.

The next day, the Town Crier was “captured” by his fellow actors brandishing a huge pistol. As they led him away, he turned to call over his shoulder – Linda, paint me a hero!” and then he was gone.  Britt looked at me and said “Wouldn’t it be fun if you did?” So that night after I put my booth to bed, I found a photo I had taken on my phone when I received the ribbon the day before.  I picked up my sketchbook and sketched until 1 a.m.  The next day, I worked on it between customers until it was finished.  At the bottom, I wrote “He was a hero.”

When the show was over, I tracked him down and asked him to come and see me. He couldn’t have been more surprised and thrilled with his portrait. I remember the director who runs the show telling me she couldn’t do it without him, so maybe he really is a hero!

Sometimes it seems that no matter how far you go from home, you can always find a little bit of Pittsburgh… today as we were sightseeing in Flagstaff, Tom proudly sporting his new Pirates hat, we passed a parked car and heard someone call, “Go Buccos!” 

So of course we had to stop and chat!  The fellow told us that he was a huge Pirates fan even though he’s never visited our city. We had a lot of fun telling stories about Tom’s job at PNC Park, especially the part where he uses a microphone on the sidewalks outside the park for crowd control. He loves to tell the crowds terrible jokes to keep them entertained while they wait. I mentioned that after 36 years in the ministry the last thing they should do is give him a microphone!

To our surprise, our new friend told us that he had been praying about whether to go into the ministry and that this was the third time this week a random conversation had turned in that direction. We wished him the best in his decision about answering God’s calling.  As we walked away, I told Tom, “If you hadn’t worn that hat, the man would have never had the chance to talk with us.”

Isn’t it funny how small choices we make day to day – perhaps to wear a certain hat or strike up a conversation with a stranger – can turn out to be life-changing for someone?

A photograph of the mountains in Sedona, Arizona

Though we’re really enjoying our time here in Arizona, I’m actually looking forward to returning home.  Then it will be full speed ahead – time to get ready for Picklesburgh and start my 2019 Santa paintings!

Tom Barnicott’s 15 Minutes of Fame

Tom Barnicott at PNC Park

The 4th of July has always been a great holiday for fun with family and friends. As you can
see, our girls are growing up fast! The twins are coming up on their 1st birthday later this month, and Aria will be 3 at the end of August. It’s been quite a ride!

However, this week my family’s biggest story is Tom Barnicott, TV Star!

Tom, as you know, isn’t your typical retiree.  Instead of finding a new hobby and catching up on his reading, Tom landed his dream job as a guest relations ambassador for the Pirates at PNC Park.  Basically, his job is to help make sure fans have a great experience when they come out to see a Bucs game.  So when a fan in the stands caught Josh Bell’s homerun ball and asked if he could get his signature on it, Tom was happy to help. To our surprise, the whole thing was caught on camera, and there was Tom, way bigger than life, making it happen up there on the big screen!

But as much as I enjoy the Fourth, it’s typically not a lazy holiday for me. I’m already packed up and ready to head out for Twin Lakes Park for the Westmoreland Arts and Heritage Festival. And I’m taking lots of new pieces with me!

But as much as I enjoy the Fourth, it’s typically not a lazy holiday for me. This year it marked the first day I was at Twin Lakes Park for the Westmoreland Arts and Heritage Festival. And I have lots of new pieces with me!

Plus, this weekend I’m celebrating my 30th anniversary of Painting Pittsburgh with unannounced Twin Lakes show-exclusive specials!

The festival runs today 11-8 and tomorrow from 11-6 at Twin Lakes Park, 252 Twin Lakes Rd, Greensburg, PA. Can’t wait to see you there!

Visit for more festival information.