Month: April 2022

“Blue Streak Thrills at Conneaut Lake Park”

Despite all this crazy cold weather, summer is indeed on its way, and our thoughts are going to outdoor activities.  For me, that means long rides in the country, finding views with rivers or lakes, and going to amusement parks with my family.  One of our favorite destinations over the years has been Conneaut Lake Park. The park was built in 1892, and it’s had its struggles in recent years. According to their website (, there’s a lot going on there this summer, but there’s one thing that will be gone and sorely missed – the Blue Streak roller coaster.

Linda Goes Postal

What an amazing week this has been! We are now up to 48 prints sold of “Unbroken – The Heart of Ukraine.” As soon as I got the first 33 prints from my printer, I signed each one of them in gold. Tom and I worked together to package everything, and then I was off to the post office. Well… let’s just say it’s not cool to show up at the post office on Tax Day with 28 packages! After waiting for the eight people in line ahead of me, I finally made it to the window. I felt guilty and

Friends Forever

Since I wrote last week, it’s been nonstop activity around here! My oldest and dearest friends have been in town visiting Tom and me for the last five days. Friendships like ours are truly golden, and my soul has been full of joy. While they were here, my friend Ron remarked that my original painting of Mingo Creek Park’s Ebenezer Bridge (“Evening at Ebenezer Covered Bridge”) may just be his favorite of all my paintings. So as we discussed where to go while they were visiting, it seemed like a perfect plan to take them and our grandgirls (who were on spring

Supporting Ukraine Through Art

This is my new painting, “Unbroken – The Heart of Ukraine.” The symbolism in the painting represents the steadfastness and resilience of the Ukrainian people in the face of this brutal war. I was inspired to create it because I wanted to make a difference and do whatever I could to help support the Ukrainian people. Finally, all the details are in place! Now you can donate to humanitarian organizations in Ukraine by purchasing your own print of “Unbroken.” Each colorful print is 11 x 14 inches with an image area of 8 x 10 inches on archival paper. You can actually frame the piece without the