Month: September 2022

Introducing “Santa’s Favorite Toy Store!”

Introducing my new painting — “Santa’s Favorite Toy Store,”!  I’ve created a limited edition of just 50 special Artist-Enhanced Giclee prints. These are much larger than the open-edition Giclée, and they will be hand-enhanced with my soft pastels, just like the original. I will highlight numerous areas in the painting to make it look much more like the original. Each one will be uniquely beautiful, each one an original in itself. I will have one framed Artist-Enhanced Giclée this weekend at the Mt. Lebanon Artist Market in the Academy Parking Lot behind The Saloon, across from the Rolliers Hardware parking lot

Sneak Peek – “Santa’s Favorite Toy Store”

Tom and I had a great time at the Covered Bridge Festival last weekend! It was great to see so many dear friends, not to mention meeting many new ones. The weather was perfect, without a drop of rain – my favorite kind of show! Did I take a day off to rest up? No! I woke up Monday morning and went straight to work on my newest painting, “Santa’s Favorite Toy Store.” The painting has a few special “Easter eggs” (hidden features that my readers will notice). First, you might recognize my favorite models, my grandgirls, looking into the store’s

Remembering “The Immaculate Reception”

After all the construction and traveling this summer, Tom and I took some time out this week to give our backyard some attention. While I was planting some mums this afternoon, my daughter Brittany took a photo of me. It occurred to me that the way I was holding the plant looked like I was holding a football, about to charge at her through the garden. Which reminded me of the news recently that Franco Harris, four-time Super Bowl Champion and Super Bowl IX MVP, will be honored by the Steelers retiring his number this year. It will be one of

Distracted By Shiny Objects

We had a wonderful summer, traveling, relaxing, and getting a lot of projects done around the house. Now that the girls are back in school, and after celebrating Aria’s 6th birthday on Monday, I was finally ready to get back to work. And… there is a ton of news!! It couldn’t have been a more perfect day for a road trip, and Tom and I headed up to Wendell August Forge in Grove City. We loaded up our van with hundreds of etched-metal ornaments with themes of Pittsburgh, Kennywood Park, sports stadiums, and (of course) Santa! It’s lovely to have everything back