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Once Upon a Time

Happy Labor Day weekend… Where did the summer go? As I look ahead to the fall season, I’m remembering one of our family’s favorite end-of-summer activities. Every single year since our children were born, we would pack them up and drive all the way out to Ligonier to visit Story Book Forest. Because we were pretty broke when the kids were growing up, we would go in the afternoon because it was half price after 4:00. Story Book Forest was a magical place. Around every bend there was a new nursery rhyme or fairy tale. The girls really loved the

Hawaii is for the Birds

Aloha, it’s Linda! Tom and I are finally back in town after our Hawaiian adventure, relaxed and fully re-centered. I have so many stories to share with you about our experiences in Hawaii… Last week I told you about the flowers falling down like rain and the beautiful scents throughout the Big Island. But in addition to the incredible natural beauty of the islands, what impressed us the most was the joy of the people there, their politeness and generosity. Though the people of Hawaii are very diverse, we never sensed any tension, but instead felt an overwhelming sense of

Blogging Hawaiian Style

Aloha! Imagine living in a land where flowers fall down like rain… As Tom and I walk down the streets of Kona, flowers literally fall down from the trees, and the scent of them is intoxicating. I told him if we could only take the beautiful scents of Hawaii home with us. Everything is so different from what we’re used to back home. The weather is always perfect, and every sunset is spectacular. The land itself is so different, with volcanoes and lava fields, green and black sand beaches, and rain forests instead of our three rivers and rolling hills.

Greetings from the Big Island!

Aloha! I’m writing to you this week from Hawaii, a place that Tom and I have always dreamed of visiting. For many reasons, this is a week of gratitude for me. I’m feeling grateful not only because we’re here in one of the most beautiful places on earth, but also because I was overwhelmed by the response I received to last week’s blog about the loss of my mom. It simply wasn’t possible to keep up with all the sincere thank-yous that I wanted to extend to so many of you who wrote to express your condolences. Thanks to your