Month: July 2019

Pittsburgh’s Pickle Party Proves Particularly Popular

Pittsburgh's Picklesburgh Proves Particularly Popular Blog Featured Image of the Picklesburgh Festival and Logo

Tom and I are back from Sedona. We’ve traveled to many different places around the US and Canada, and we agreed that Sedona was definitely one of the most beautiful areas we’ve visited.  So the big question is… Would anyone out there like to see some paintings of brilliant red rock against gorgeous green trees in a majestic mountain setting? Hint: It just may happen! So now that we’re back, the first order of business is preparing for Picklesburgh 2019 this weekend! Our plane may have landed on Monday, but my feet have barely touched the ground since then – driving around,

Where in the World is Linda Barnicott?

Linda Barnicott with husband Tom in Sedona, Arizona.

We had a wonderful time in the desert in Sedona, Arizona. Sedona is such an inspiring place for an artist. The desert landscape feels exotic and unique to this particular artist from Back East, with its dramatic, austere beauty so different from the lush green hills of western Pennsylvania that I’m used to. We had lunch with an old schoolmate of Tom’s who lives and works there. When they asked if I might paint Sedona someday, my immediate response was “Absolutely yes!” I think I could paint Sedona forever and never run out of inspiration. Though our time in Arizona

From Deluge to Desert

Linda Barnicott with husband, Tom Barnicott, on vacation in the mountains.

I’m on the road again this week – Greetings from Red Rock Country, Sedona, Arizona! As we enjoy some downtime in the dry desert, it’s hard to believe that just a few days ago we were manning my booth through a very wet (and also hot!) weekend at the Westmoreland Arts & Heritage Festival. It rained through almost the entire show, but despite the weather, there was a great turnout, with so many precious moments shared with folks stopping by my tent. One of the fun features of the Festival is the Town Crier, who strolls around the festival grounds with

Tom Barnicott’s 15 Minutes of Fame

Tom Barnicott at PNC Park

The 4th of July has always been a great holiday for fun with family and friends. As you can see, our girls are growing up fast! The twins are coming up on their 1st birthday later this month, and Aria will be 3 at the end of August. It’s been quite a ride! However, this week my family’s biggest story is Tom Barnicott, TV Star! Tom, as you know, isn’t your typical retiree.  Instead of finding a new hobby and catching up on his reading, Tom landed his dream job as a guest relations ambassador for the Pirates at PNC Park.  Basically, his