Month: December 2021

We Made It!

I’ve been wondering all year how the 2021 holiday season might play out. Given that pandemic issues are still with us, I was afraid the holidays this year might again be less than merry for me. Fortunately, it seems that my fears were groundless! I’ve been immersed in the bustle of the holidays, feeling the festivity and laughter of folks enjoying themselves as they explore the Holiday Market. I even sang along with the beautiful Christmas music being played on the Market Square stage. Tom and I also found a new SXM radio station of holiday music from days of

Will the Real Linda Barnicott Please Stand Up?

Ho-Ho-Ho!  I feel as if I’ve been playing the part of Santa’s helper at the Holiday Market today as I help folks pick out that perfect gift. But lately there’s been a lot of mystery about this Linda Barnicott person and who she really is. I may even be getting a bit confused myself. Which Linda Barnicott is the REAL one? Just since the start of the Holiday Market on November 19th, there has been quite a bit of confusion about who I am.  Someone thought I was Tom’s mother (Tom thought it was hilarious to call me Mom all

What’s New at the Chalet?

Can you believe it’s already December? As I write this, I’m sitting in my Market Square Chalet in downtown Pittsburgh, surrounded by the beautiful sights and sweet sounds of the holidays. The show is really extraordinary this year. The Square is filled with local folks and their families as well as people visiting from around the country – and even from around the world.  In fact, I met a nice young lady from Russia who is attending college at Indiana University. She asked if I had postcards, and I cheerfully replied, “Why, yes, I do have postcards!” (I couldn’t wait to say