Month: March 2024

Come on Down!

Hello from the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show! We have had perfect weather to go along with all the beautiful smiles Tom and I have seen so far this year! There are plenty of big doings at the show this year as I celebrate my 28th anniversary as an exhibitor… An old friend, Rob Pratte from KDKA, interviewed me this week. Years ago, I had the honor of painting him and his young children with the miniature train platform in his home. We reminisced, and he spoke of how I’ve documented Pittsburgh and its memories for all these years. Then he

What’s That Smell?

It’s the scent of Spring in the air! In fact, starting next Friday, the David L Lawrence Convention Center will be filled with the scent of spring flowers, thanks to the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show.  As you make your way through the downstairs hall, just ride the escalator up to the second floor and walk through the doors, then head a little to the left, where you’ll find Aisle 3100 – aka Artists’ Row – with tons of Pittsburgh art! I’m right there at the end of the aisle at my “Double-Wide” Booth 3146-8. If you can make it on Opening