Month: February 2015

Going, Going, Gone!

In only two short weeks, I’ll be celebrating my 20th year as an exhibitor at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show. Looking back over all those years, I can honestly say every year has been good, and some I would even call great! Some years I’ve unveiled new paintings, and some years I took preorders for paintings that were yet to come. I’ve even sold out of many editions while exhibiting them during those 10 busy days at the Home and Garden Show. Most of all, I like to remember the many friends and fans I’ve met there, and how

My Cure for the Winter Blues

Can you believe it’s going back down into single digits again this week? I guess that’s what you get when they let a stupid rodent predict 6 more weeks of winter weather! I know I’m really tired of the snow and ice and cold temperatures by mid-Feburary, and I’ll bet you are too! Luckily, I have a surefire way to cure my winter blues by getting ready for the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show. All my show preparations remind me that Spring is just around the corner – from ordering the U-Haul to writing the checks for my booth carpeting

The First Sign of Spring

Yes, it’s too early for the first robin, and the days are still short and cold. But I’m feeling warmer already because last night I attended an event that to me is the “First Sign of Spring”. Every February for the last 20 years, I’ve attended a meeting for exhibitors at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show. I think I must be the only veteran of the show who actually turns up every year for this meeting! In fact, I’ve heard it so many times I could probably offer Executive Director John DeSantis some assistance in delivering the program. It’s

Come Paint With Me!

After my relaxing Florida vacation, I’ve had a busy week of catching up, and at last things are more or less back in order here in my studio. I have just a few more orders to fill, some loose ends to wrap up, and I’ll be ready to jump back into creating new art and launching new projects. 2015 promises to be a very busy year full of exciting challenges and new and different paths to follow. As I mentioned last week, I’m really excited about the Forbes Hospital history wall project. It’s thrilling to take on a commission like