Month: March 2016

Let It Glow!

Looks like Punxsutawney Phil was right! Spring has come early this year, with warmer days and more sunshine than usual for March. In fact, I feel like this is my best Spring ever, with a great Home and Garden Show and the introduction of my new line of collectible candles. You might even say I’m on fire… Okay, I’ll spare you the candle jokes… but I want to tell you the story of how Linda Barnicott Collectible Candles were created. My husband Tom is a fanatic about burning candles in our home – he really enjoys the warm glow of

Packing Up and Moving Forward!

Well, it’s a wrap! Another Home and Garden Show has come to an end, and my booth has been dismantled and put to bed until next year… but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped or even slowed down! Even after the endless preparations getting ready for the show and the frantic schedule of the show itself, there’s no time to rest… I still have lots of art to create! I also have a lot of work to do to get my new line of collectible scented candles out the door to my customers and up on my website. So if you

Big Announcement!

I don’t usually reach out to you twice in one week, but I couldn’t wait to share the news… I’m launching my newest product line – beautiful high-end, long-burning scented candles paired with some of my most popular paintings. Each candle comes in a glass jar encircled by one of my paintings so that the beauty of the art is illuminated from within by the candle’s glow. These luxury candles (created in partnership with the Sugar Creek Candle Company) are 100% soy with a clean-burning 100% cotton wick and will burn for 150 hours… yet the price is considerably less

Pittsburgh Dad, Santa Claus, and Me? Home and Garden Show Final Weekend!

Still here at Booth 3146 at the Home and Garden Show until Sunday. What an exciting week I’ve had here at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center! It’s been a treat to have so many of you visiting me at my booth! One of the highlights of the show this year for me was having had the honor (and fun) of meeting Pittsburgh Dad! As soon as he realized who I was, he immediately shook my hand and told me that his mom had my paintings in her home! There was definitely some “Pittsburgh Chemistry” going on! If you’re a

It Takes a Village (But Especially Tom)

In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, my husband Tom is the BEST. The week before the Home and Garden Show is my busiest week of the year, and I couldn’t do it without Tom! He’s my greatest helper/partner despite having to work double time with his church duties. Those last few days before the show are pretty rough, getting everything moved, set up, and organized, and I can always count on him to support me every step of the way! And it’s not just Tom that I rely on. Once we rented the truck on Tuesday, my wonderful friends