Month: July 2022

Expect the Unexpected

You would think by now I would have learned to expect the unexpected. There sure has been a lot of it lately… especially in the last couple weeks! It all started when Tom and I arrived home from our painting trip to Albuquerque, just in time for Brentwood’s Fourth of July parade. Everyone had a jolly good time. Not long after that, one of my twin granddaughters (Abigail) was playing with Aria, her big sister, and managed to sprain her ankle. Then, the very next day Aria was running across her living room and fell smack into the corner of

Homeward Bound!

Tom and I are back on the road again, headed for home. We said our goodbyes to the adobe homes and mountains of New Mexico, and now the scenery has changed to amber waves of grain. I had a tremendous experience at the IAPS convention of pastel artists. As always, it was a wonderful time spent with friends both old and new, sharing techniques and stories and just soaking up the energy of fellow artists. In fact, I met a few whose workshops I can’t wait to take when this pastel party happens again in 2024. Each artist showcased their