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Sweeping Up After Macy’s, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, January 24, 2016

At 9:55 a.m., they told us the historic Downtown department store, the former Kauffmann’s flagship, would be closing Pittsburgh Post Gazette, January 24, 2016 by David E. Malehorn I was in the linens stock room, putting electronic inventory tags on bath towels, when everyone was called to an urgent meeting. As we gathered in the half-light on the fourth floor, I could tell something big was up: There were Macy’s officials I’d never seen before. Our store manager took a deep breath to steady himself, raised a sheet of paper and said, “I’m going to have to just read this.”

Meet me under the clock: The Kaufmann’s Clock turns 100

Since 1913, sweethearts, friends, families, classmates and colleagues have met under Kaufmann’s Clock By Marylynne Pitz / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette April 21, 2013 Now that cell phones tell us the time, a landmark like Kaufmann’s Clock may seem utterly prosaic. But, to Pittsburghers, it’s far more than a machine that measures the minutes; it’s been a popular spot for a rendezvous for a century. Since 1913, sweethearts, friends, families, classmates and colleagues have met under its gleaming bronze aura before going inside to lunch at the Tic Toc, a clock-lined restaurant where diners can order a tea sandwich plate, a burger

Route 6 Artisan Trail Draws Artist to Corry, The Corry Journal, June, 2011

Read Linda’s blog “Discovering Pennsylvania’s Route 6” on Blogspot. When Linda Barnicott arrived at Mead Park Wednesday afternoon to sketch Alice Lake and its attractive footbridge, the artist brought all the necessary supplies. • Hundreds of pieces of pastel chalk. • Wallis paper. • An easel. • A small folding tables to hold her materials. But the most important items may have been the two bungee cords Barnicott needed to secure her easel to keep it from blowing away in the gusting wind. Barnicott and her husband, Tom, used the cords to bind the easel with her suitcase, which served

“Barnicott Has Done More Than 50 Pittsburgh-Area Paintings,” Monroeville Times Express, March 11, 2010

Barnicott Has Done More Than 50 Pittsburgh-Area Paintings Monroeville Times Express, March 11, 2010 by Jonathan Weaver Pittsburgh “Painter of Memories” Linda Barnicott has seen her fair share of the city and has boxes of photographs, many of which she has transformed into paintings that hang on family members’ and friends’ walls, to prove it. Photos from different places, months and angles all have found their way to her brush. Linda, 51, of Monroeville, began sketching portraits of teachers in second grade and moved onto others from there. Though classmates knew her as only the shy, quiet girl, Linda drew

“Capturing Moments and Making Memories,” Art Calendar Magazine, March, 2008

Linda Barnicott Capturing Moments and Making Memories Art Calendar Magazine, March, 2008 Edition by Kim Hall Several years ago, my grandmother, who lives just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I grew up, sent me a newspaper clipping about a local artist who was making a name for herself by creating charming pastel chalk portraits of iconic locales throughout the city. What struck me about the work was that nearly every piece jogged a special memory for me. It wasn’t just the places the artist based her images on. It was the feelings she was able to capture about those places.

“Mazeroski’s Magical Moment,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, March 3, 2004

Tony Tye/Post-Gazette GREEN TREE Green Tree artist Linda Barnicott has produced a work in pastels depicting Bill Mazeroski's home run in the 1960 World Series.

Artwork recalls Mazeroski’s immortal home run Pittsburgh Post Gazette, March 3, 2004 by Diana Nelson Jones Bill Mazeroski stands at second base, his gloved left hand on his hip, at the center of Linda Barnicott’s latest pastel. He is encircled by scenes from that Oct. 13, 1960, afternoon. Barnicott, a Green Tree woman who has earned a reputation for her renderings of Pittsburgh scenes, was enticed when she saw a friend’s copy of the newspaper from Oct. 14, 1960. In a six-panel progression, Mazeroski was rounding the bases on his World Series-winning home run against the New York Yankees. e

“Skating Together at PPG Place,” Pittsburgh Tribune Review, September, 2003

Cancer Society Card Portrays Recent Tradition This Year’s Holiday Greeting Features Skaters at PPG Place Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, September 13, 2003 George Aspiotes Grant Street got its first taste of the holiday season Friday as officials from the American Cancer Society joined with local artist Linda Barnicott to unveil the organizations 2003 greeting card. The card titled “Skating Together at PPG Place,” shows a wintertime scene of people ice skating in PPG Plaza, Downtown. It is the sixth piece that Barnicott has painted for the society’s holiday fund-raiser ” I just feel so blessed, and this is a way for me

“Capturing Pittsburgh,” Pittsburgh Business Times, July 18,2003

Capturing Pittsburgh Philadelphia Native Makes Name for Herself Painting ‘Burg Things Pittsburgh Business Times, July 18, 2003 Andrea Zrimsak Few artists capture the nostalgic beauty of Pittsburgh as well as Linda Barnicott. This Philadelphia native and Green Tree resident touches people’s hearts and memories with her famous Pittsburgh scenes including “Game Day at Pitt Stadium,” “Holiday Season on Grant Street,” “The Grandview of Pittsburgh” and “The Glory of Heinz Chapel,” the first in her new “Autumn in Oakland” series. Her first painting, “Meet Me Under the Kaufmann’s Clock,” has become so popular she recently completed two more original paintings of

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 30, 2002

Her Artworks Help Others Reminisce Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January 30, 2002 Virginia Peden, freelance writer Linda Barnicott of Green Tree, long admired for her Pittsburgh landmark paintings, has pleased Pitt alumni and fans with her latest, “Game Day at Pitt Stadium,” the first of a new series titled “Autumn in Oakland”.She usually has a story to tell about her pastel renditions, and so it goes with her stadium drawing. She thought right after is was announced Pitt Stadium would be razed that there would be a lot of pictures of Three Rivers Stadium, but none of Pitt Stadium. Andrea Paganie of

“The Phantom of Lost Kennywood,” Green Tree Times, July 2001

“The Phantom of Lost Kennywood” Latest in Series by Linda Barnicott Green Tree Times , July, 2001 by Sarah Zablotsky The beige carpet in Linda Barnicott’s Green Tree studio is streaked with the colors of her pastel collection. An easel holding an unfinished work sits in the corner under a portrait of her father. But it is Barnicott’s vivid scenes of Pittsburgh and Kennywood hanging on the wall that immediately attract the visitor’s attention. “I like doing a painting where people get lost in it. They can look at it, walk away, and then come back and look at it