Her Clients Say It Best

Linda’s painting “Dr. Ken Gargaro”

Linda’s painting “Dr. Ken Gargaro”

“Wanting to present the best tribute possible, we commissioned Linda Barnicott to paint a portrait of Ken Gargaro. Even though we knew the quality of her work, Linda exceeded our expectations. When the portait was unveiled at Ken’s retirement gala, it was such a perfect rendering that it elicited gasps and tears from attendees. The true-to-life painting captured the essence of Dr. Ken Gargaro, from his contagious smile to the light in his eyes, wondrously revealing the love he had for music, his students, and the patrons of Pittsburgh Musical Theater. It was the finest gift we could have given.”

Linda,You are so wonderful; so eloquent, talented, and so full of life! I can’t express how much respect I have for you and the joy you bring to so many in Pittsburgh and elsewhere. You have the gift to bring much joy and happiness to others.I consider you a great friend and I hope you feel the same.”

June Gargaro Henry and Jane Zachary Gargaro

“When you see an artist work it has a reaction on you. When you have the opportunity to view Linda’s work it stir’s your soul. You smell things you hear things you recall things in the painting. And if you have the incredible opportunity to recognize someone (maybe even you in the picture) you are now part of history. Thank you Linda for following your gift from God. Your friendship is also a blessing to me.”

Howard Mincone – Entertainer

Linda’s painting “My Hometown”

Linda’s painting “My Hometown”

“I publish a community calendar that gets distributed to various areas of Pittsburgh. When I published my inaugural edition over 9 years I wanted the monthly pictures to create a sense of community with a nostalgic theme. I was very fortunate to come across Linda’s work because it ended up being exactly what I was looking for.

The inquiries that my office received about her pictures were a little overwhelming. I was amazed at how many people wanted extra copies of the calendar so they could send to friends and relatives in other areas of the country. We all know Pittsburgher’s love Pittsburgh, Linda has that knack of capturing all the things that make Pittsburgh special, and her work was instrumental in making my first edition special too.”

George Bezek – Owner, Strategic Marketing

“Linda is a true joy to be around. I have had the pleasure of having Linda to the CSC Insurance Options office giving the staff the comfort of viewing Linda’s amazing work and allowing them to get some Christmas shopping done easily. Linda was always happy to personalize each piece for the recipient. It is wonderful to hear the stories and memories that Linda’s pieces evoke from different individuals. Seeing people light up as they reminisce about a point in time just from looking at Linda’s work is what I enjoy most about Linda’s work.”

Jason Sherwood


“I met Linda when I was looking for “Pittsburgh” product to add to our collection and sell on our web site. Her art is absolutely beautiful. I have never seen such great Pittsburgh art. Her ornaments have been one of our best sellers each years since we’ve sold her collection. From her ornaments to note cards to her prints. All her product is absolutely beautiful. A must have for all Pittsburghers and exPittsburgers. Her prints would work great in all homes with any decor.”

Robyn Martin – WQED

“Linda Barnicott is truly gifted artist whose genuine love of Pittsburgh’s unique people and places adds an intimate dimension to her work. Each painting invites you to step into the picture and enjoy the moment. I love all the little details that bring her paintings to life.”

Debbie Julian


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“I wrote a newspaper story about Linda several years ago. Her work captivated me–her skies came alive and her colors were just beautiful. In the years since, I have watched her bring Pittsburgh alive through her paintings. She’s top rate, as an artist and a person.”

Zandy Dudiak – Associate Regional Editor at AOL Patch

“Linda Barnicott doesn’t paint-she emotes! Linda’s love of her subjects comes thru in in work. Her paintings show the beauty and character of Pittsburgh, and make you feel like you are a part of them. Truly beautiful!”

Jo-Anna White

Diane Wright – Owner of Diane Wright Designs

“I recommend Linda Barnicott without reservation. I own some of Linda’s work as well as being a colleague and fellow artist. Her art work is classic Pittsburgh and each piece is a treasure to own. The stories that the pieces convey are intrinsic to the piece so displaying them in your home or office allows you to continually re-live your best memories.”

Diane Wright – Owner of Diane Wright Designs

“Linda has been very helpful and supportive of me and my business. Her character and the quality of her work and are impeccable. I recommend heartily and enthusiastically!”

Bill Frase – Monroeville, PA

Linda’s paintings in the set design of the FOX series “Back to You”

Linda’s paintings in the set design of the FOX series “Back to You”

“Linda is a superb artist and a fine business woman. I have been working with Linda Barnicott for years now and have placed her paintings on several TV shows and Feature Films. Invariably, the response from Set Decorators in Hollywood regarding Linda’s work has been, ‘Wow, those paintings and prints are beautiful, where can I use this!’ I am also very pleased to have Linda not only as a client of P4S, but also as someone I consider to be a friend. She loves her art and her city and IT SHOWS!”

John Fluke – Owner of P4S Hollywood, California

“She is one of the most talented people I know. She has passion for her art, and wants to give her gifts to generations of people.”

Rob Pratt – KDKA Radio

Barb Bruno – Accountant

“My husband and I have purchased approximately 25 of Linda’s paintings for our home, office and as gifts. Needless to say, not only do we enjoy the exceptional quality of art work, but it’s fun to have scenes of Pittsburgh and surrounding communities on display where we work and play. The art work makes great conversation with office visitors and guests in our home.”

Barb Bruno – Accountant

“Linda is a creative and wonderful artist that has been able to capture the community where she lives. She has reached out across the state to paint the areas is such a way that she makes the viewer feel as though they too are walking through her paintings. Linda is also very thoughtful and kind to those she meets along the way.”

Ginny Burdick – Artist, California

Linda’s painting, “Remembering Roberto Clemente”

Linda’s painting, “Remembering Roberto Clemente”

“I first met Linda when see did one of her first sports painting. It was a painting and a collage of my favorite sports figure Roberto Clemente. We talked about how she would like to show him in a manner for which he lived by. I gave her some pictures that I felt she could use to do the artwork right and bring out just who and what made Roberto what he is today. I have her art work in my home and office, and I’m very proud to say I know Linda Barnicott, as an artist and a friend.”

H. David Holzer – Holzer Financial, Pittsburgh, PA

“When we find something we love, we are drawn like a moth to a flame. This is how I feel about Linda and her paintings. With a stroke of brush, she is able to bring us into her world of art. I have quite a few of Linda’s paintings and have given them as gifts and everyone is always so excited to receive a piece of artwork from such a wonderful local treasure as Linda Barnicott. Thank you for sharing your gift.”

Lois Brenner

Linda’s historic print, “100 Years of Fun”

Linda’s historic print, “100 Years of Fun”

“Linda’s Pittsburgh art work is second to none. Her detail is exquisite and the emotion behind it is pure. Anyone who’s created a memory in Pittsburgh should honestly look into getting a Linda Barnicott painting–they will bring you back in time!”

Weston Lyon

“Linda is a very gifted and talented artist who has unique vision for the scenes she paints. She was always most cooperative and accommodating for any business dealings we had. While our company has gone in different direction in recent years, our business relationship during the years we worked together were most rewarding.”

Bob Basl – President/Owner, The Photo Depot, Inc.

“As a child, I often spent time with my grandparents who lived on Pittsburgh’s South Side and have fond memories of riding the 48 Arlington street car with my Great Aunt Hazel and my Grandfather.  We would have lunch at Donohoe’s plus visits to Kaufmann’s toy department which was magical during the Christmas season. When I look at that print, I feel like I could step right into it!”