Month: June 2014

Moving on to Bigger and Better Things!

Tuesday is Moving Day, and would you believe I’m still packing boxes? I’ll probably be throwing things in boxes up until the trucks take it all away! At least my studio is all packed up. Knowing that’s taken care of, I can focus on the good things that will be happening next week! Not only will Tom and I be moving to a new home, a new congregation, and a new adventure, but just two days after the big move, I will be exhibiting at the Westmoreland County Arts and Heritage Festival. The Festival takes place at Twin Lakes Park

The Secrets of “Coasting Through Kennywood”

People ask me a lot of different questions about my art, but the one I get the most is “Which one of your paintings is your favorite?” In fact, I do have a favorite… one very special painting in my own private collection that will never be for sale! It’s called “Coasting Through Kennywood.” Why is it the one piece that means the most to me? Because there are three personal stories related to that painting that make it the one that is closest to my heart. Back in 1997, I’d been painting Kennywood for three years. After two years

A Last Peek Inside!

As the stacks of boxes rise higher and higher, I can’t avoid thinking about how Moving Day is getting closer and closer! I thought this would be a good time to give you a last look at my Monroeville home/studio and show you how I display my personal collection of originals. While some folks can’t make up their minds where to hang just one more painting, I somehow found places for 33 paintings in two rooms, with five more in my small foyer! Many of my clients have questions about framing their paintings. Should they all have the same style

Learning to Fly!

As a small boy, my husband, Tom, dreamed of learning to fly. His dad would pack up a lunch of brick cheese and rye bread, and together Tom and his dad would park at the end of the runway at the old airport and watch the planes take off and land. As Tom grew up, he found that he needed glasses, which meant he would never be able to become a pilot. Of course, he later found his calling in the ministry, but he never forgot his dreams of flying. During the holidays, I met with a new client of

Now and Then: A View from the Overlook

Back when our daughters, Brittany and Alyssa, were growing up, Tom was the minister at Emanuel United Methodist Church, and for four years, we lived in Pittsburgh’s West End neighborhood. At that time, we had the pleasure of living literally just down the street from the West End-Elliott Overlook – which as Pittsburghers know offers the very best straight-on view of the Golden Triangle! It seemed as if fireworks were almost a daily occurrence during Pirate season, and as soon as we heard the first one go off, we would all run to the car and drive up to the