Month: October 2014

Think Pink to Kick Off the Holiday Season!

It’s that time of year again! My busiest season is about to begin, with orders flowing in, events and shows to exhibit, etc., I’m done painting until January, but what most people don’t realize is that my work doesn’t end after I add my signature to a piece. There’s still much more to be done long after the paint has dried! For example, I’ve been spending a lot of time at the printers recreating “Holiday Greetings from My Hometown” in ink for the print. I’m also developing the ornament, which is a time-consuming two-week process (if I’m lucky!). Then I

Revisiting “My Hometown” For the Holidays

One question that I’m asked a lot at my speaking engagements is, “Which painting is your favorite?” That’s not an easy question for me to answer, because I love all my paintings for different reasons. Of course, I do have a few special favorites, and “My Hometown” is definitely one of them because of the wonderful memories I associate with it. Back in our younger days, Tom and I lived on the North Side of Pittsburgh when he was just starting his ministry, and we spent 11 happy years there together. When I painted “My Hometown,” I wanted to make

It’s Now or Never!

Though things start getting very busy in October, the real push starts in November when I seem to have one show after another through the end of the year. In fact, I have a saying about my creative process that holds true each and every year: “If I don’t have a painting finished by November 1st, it will not get finished until January.”. It’s sad, but true… And I have a theory about why that happens. It’s because, like everyone else, my brain has two sides – one side is the creative side that imagines the paintings and creates them.

Art and History at Fort Ligonier Days

Sometimes we forget that about 20 years before the American Revolution, another war was fought right here in Western Pennsylvania. England and France fought the French and Indian War (where a young George Washington got his first military experience) for control of the land west of the Alleghenies. So of course, Fort Duquesne at the Three Rivers was a prime target. Because Fort Ligonier was the closest British supply post, the French attacked it on October 12, 1758. The British victory on that day is now commemorated every year with Fort Ligonier Days. This is my fifth year exhibiting at

My Toughest (and Favorite) Critic

As I finished my most recent Pittsburgh painting, “Winter’s Glow on Grant Street,” I was reminded that I would not be the artist I am today if it weren’t for my husband, Tom. I have been very blessed over the years to have his total support, but more than that, he has turned into a perceptive and brutally honest art critic. You may wonder why this is something I’d be happy about… so I’ll share with you a little glimpse into my life! I tend to be quite stubborn (of course, you never would have guessed, right?), and sometimes painting