Two Weeks and Counting!

Can it really be less than two weeks until I begin my 28th year at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show?

I still remember the very first year that I decided to do this really expensive show. My plan was just to get my name out there and have a chance to talk to thousands of people. I was so young and scared! After all, my husband was the one used to standing in a pulpit every week and talking to parishioners. I was always behind the scenes, a kinda-shy artist with only seven prints to my name and my first Kennywood painting.

I know I talk about the Home and Garden Show a lot, but that’s because it has had such an impact in my career. I created my first mailing list with emails I collected from this show. And as expensive as it was, it allowed me to meet my first customers – people who have collected my work throughout the years.

I remember at the end of Day #2 that first year, holding my hands to my cheeks and exclaiming to Tom, “What did we do?” – we had already made back the cost of the show! And I thought it was just a chance to get to meet people.

This year I have so many paintings, I have to make difficult decisions about what to put up on my walls and what goes with the rest of the unframed prints in the bin. I have so many choices of giftware that I need to be more selective than ever about what to display. I have truly been blessed… especially because I’ve met so many of you at the show over the years.

The BIG NEWS is I will be introducing my new painting – “Keeping Watch Over Pittsburgh” – at the show on Opening Day, March 8th. The original has already sold, but I’ll have limited-edition prints, mini prints, coasters, ornaments, and bookmarks available. You’ll have lots of opportunities to take this one home with you!

Have a great week… and wish me luck with all the planning!!!