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Linda Barnicott… Painter of Mystery!

Hi, it’s Linda! For me, this year has been a year like no other. There is a lot going on in my art world! Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about it! I just finished a commission. It’s a surprise, so I can’t talk about it yet. I have another commission that could have a big impact on my career… also a surprise, so I have to keep it quiet. Then later this summer, I’ll be working on another big commission. It’s also a surprise gift, so I’m sworn to secrecy for the time being. Finally, I’m just now on

Come on Down!

Hello from the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show! We have had perfect weather to go along with all the beautiful smiles Tom and I have seen so far this year! There are plenty of big doings at the show this year as I celebrate my 28th anniversary as an exhibitor… An old friend, Rob Pratte from KDKA, interviewed me this week. Years ago, I had the honor of painting him and his young children with the miniature train platform in his home. We reminisced, and he spoke of how I’ve documented Pittsburgh and its memories for all these years. Then he

What’s That Smell?

It’s the scent of Spring in the air! In fact, starting next Friday, the David L Lawrence Convention Center will be filled with the scent of spring flowers, thanks to the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show.  As you make your way through the downstairs hall, just ride the escalator up to the second floor and walk through the doors, then head a little to the left, where you’ll find Aisle 3100 – aka Artists’ Row – with tons of Pittsburgh art! I’m right there at the end of the aisle at my “Double-Wide” Booth 3146-8. If you can make it on Opening

Two Weeks and Counting!

Can it really be less than two weeks until I begin my 28th year at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show? I still remember the very first year that I decided to do this really expensive show. My plan was just to get my name out there and have a chance to talk to thousands of people. I was so young and scared! After all, my husband was the one used to standing in a pulpit every week and talking to parishioners. I was always behind the scenes, a kinda-shy artist with only seven prints to my name and my

All Good Things…

Just when it feels like we’ve hit our stride, the Holiday Market in Market Square (like all other good things!) is coming to an end. It’s lovely, though, to think that after these last few days there will be no more aches from all that standing… no more exhaustion from early days and late nights. But we’ve gotten used to it! The smiles and the stories of our visitors and greeting old and new friends, especially the families who have come home to visit the Burgh, make it all worthwhile. It looks like the weather will be pretty decent up to 3 pm

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”

You probably knew this already, but the holiday season is my favorite time of year! I love being at my Chalet and looking into the eyes of folks I have yet to know, listening to their stories, and trying to assist them in finding the perfect present that meets their needs. Sometimes I can, but even when I can’t provide them with that gift, I’ve often made a new friend. At the end of the day, it’s all about the joy and magic of the holiday season. If I can provide a smile and an ear, then I feel that

A Festive Fall!

I don’t know about you, but this last week really flew by! I’m trying to enjoy this last bit of summer weather before autumn “falls” right back into our laps. Last weekend, we had an incredible show at the Mount Lebanon Artist Market. It was a record-breaking year for the show, and with so much talent and beautiful weather, there were smiles aplenty! Of course, I’ve already moved on to planning my next Fall Festival – Fort Ligonier Days is less than two weeks away! I will return to the same spot for the second year, with my booth in the Municipal

My Visit with the Rooneys!

The weekend before last, Tom and I personally delivered my original pastel painting, “Ice Ball Treats with Gus and YiaYia,” to its new home in Connecticut with the Rooney family. (Yes, THAT Rooney family!) We had the pleasure of spending the afternoon and evening with the piece’s new owners, June and Tim Rooney. They loved that Tim’s brother, Dan Rooney, appeared in the painting, sitting and watching while Gus shaved the ice for his ice-ball treats. Shipping an original pastel that size would have given me sleepless nights! So instead, we took a road trip, had an adventure, and created a lovely

Adventures in Customer Service

Did you notice last week that I didn’t send out a newsletter? There was a really good reason. I was in the midst of a customer service nightmare – 11 hours of phone calls over the course of two days! It began on Wednesday afternoon as I tried to make a business call. A robot told me that my service was suspended. When I finally spoke to a real person, I was told “no service until you pay up!” My bill was over $2000! I was sure that I’d called before we left for Italy to sign on for the

What’s the Big Dill About Picklesburgh?

Picklesburgh is one of Pittsburgh’s favorite summer festivals. In fact, USA Today readers recently voted it the #1 Specialty Food Festival in America! Every year, Picklesburgh attracts bigger and bigger crowds of happy people eating and having a good time… and of course, pickles, pickles, pickles everywhere you look! I missed last year’s event because I was on an amazing family vacation to visit The Mouse with my grandgirls, but I’m back for 2023… and boy, do I have the pickle gifts for you! Picklesburgh is growing every year, so the festival has a new footprint for 2023. Instead of