Month: August 2014

What Season Is It Anyway?

On this brilliant sunny late summer afternoon, I have to admit it feels a little weird to be painting bright and festive holiday décor and glittering lights with people bundled up against the cold! But that’s just typical on an artist’s schedule – in the summertime, I’m working hard at my easel, recreating the warm glow of the winter holidays. And when the snow flies, I’ll be dreaming of and painting lush green springtime landscapes! As you know, I exhibited my original paintings at Shadyside: The Arts Festival On Walnut Street last weekend. It was a wonderful show, especially because

On the Corner of Walnut and (Poison) Ivy

I will always remember the month of August 2014 for doing two things I’ve never done before. One of them I’d like to do every August from now on, and the other one I hope I’ll never do again! First I want to tell you about the one that, though a new and certainly exciting experience, I don’t want to ever do again! Just before leaving for our vacation, Tom and I were doing some yard work at my father-in-law’s home to keep things looking nice while he’s in rehab after taking a fall. Because Tom’s a minister and I’m

My Painting Becomes Your Story

I’m in Virginia this week for a little well-deserved rest and relaxation after our big move. Though I’m not officially “working” this week, I’d like to share with you some behind-the-scenes stories about one of my favorite Pittsburgh paintings. Back in 1991, I spent a lot of time developing my painting “Sharing the Season at Market Square.” I remember going downtown on a cold, wintry Sunday morning to see freshly fallen snow in the square. My new painting was going to feature the Oyster House, Nicholas Tea and the 1902 building. When I arrived there it was totally devoid of

Announcing My New Pittsburgh Painting!

Since I last wrote to you, I’ve been having an extremely busy week. Orders for my latest Kennywood print, “Showtime By Kennywood’s Paratrooper,” have been coming in daily. In fact, I’m delighted to say that about half of my artist-enhanced giclees of this print have already been sold. There are only 25 in all, so if this is a piece you’d like to own, please don’t wait. The regular giclee edition of 125 prints is also selling well. Click Here to purchase your print today! Now that our move is behind us, I’m spending a lot of time in my

The Untold Story of “Showtime By Kennywood’s Paratrooper”

“Showtime By Kennywood’s Paratrooper” was unveiled to 200 attendees at the American Coaster Enthusiasts yearly KennyKon gathering at Kennywood Park on Sunday, July 27th. Each and every one of my paintings has its own story – a unique history that usually is known only to my family. And today I’d like to share the story of my latest work with you! Just like my other Kennywood paintings, “Showtime” was created by selecting elements that I like, choosing small features from what seemed like zillions of photographs. This allows me to compose the scene just as I imagined it, pulling in