Month: March 2017

All’s Well That Ends Well

As I write to you on this glorious sunny afternoon, I’m filling orders from the Home and Garden Show and getting ready to paint again. I’m also reflecting on the wonderful week I’ve had since we last talked. My latest painting, “Hills Is Where the Toys Are,” was featured on Pittsburgh Today Live with Pittsburgh Dad, and the great publicity brought it lot of attention. The prints are selling like hotcakes, and people are collecting the gift items as well. The small run of Hills ornaments I ordered sold out in just two days! (Don’t worry, I will order more!)

Never Insult a Robin

All I did was say, in last week’s blog, that robins are overrated as a sign of spring and look what happened! I’m sorry! Talk about your Angry Birds… those robins can’t take a joke! I hope they’ll accept my apology and take back this winter weather! Regardless of the wind and snow outside, it’s warm and cozy and springlike here at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show. I’m having a tremendous week here since the show opened last Friday. Can I share a little of it with you? Weekday crowds at the Home and Garden Show can be a

Robins Are Overrated

We Pittsburghers don’t need a robin to tell us that Spring is coming – we know that the real first day of Spring here in the Burgh is Opening Day of the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show! Wow! Can it really have been a year since the last “Final Countdown” to Opening Day? Once again, I’m honored and delighted to be here with some of the nicest and most talented artists in Pittsburgh. I feel very blessed to have their friendship. Though the Home and Garden Show is a highlight of my year, organizing, transporting, and setting up my booth

Hot Off the Press!

Welcome to my busiest week of the entire year! Last week I announced the completion of my latest painting, “Hills Is Where The Toys Are,” and I even showed you a visual timeline of how I created it. The photo above shows the very first print as it rolled off the press a few days ago before it was trimmed and signed – very exciting! With just under two weeks until Opening Day of the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show, I didn’t have a moment to spare! Once I had the finished prints in hand, I headed straight for Pittsburgh