Month: October 2022

Ligonier’s Shining Diamond

So after a whirlwind weekend creating last week’s new release, “Santa’s Merry Wink,” did I take a break from the studio? No! Instead, I turned my sights to a new painting for Fort Ligonier Days. Of course, there’s a story here to be told! Last year at the Holiday Market in Market Square, I struck up a conversation with a gentleman where the topic turned to Fort Ligonier Days. I mentioned that I had been set up in the Loyalhanna Lot for over a decade, where I enjoyed listening to the reenactments and visiting with several of the participants in their “really put-together”

Am I an Overachiever?

No one has ever accused me of being an overachiever before, but I think I may be in danger of becoming one this year. Though I just released my latest painting, “Santa’s Favorite Toy Store,” it gave me an idea for another new painting that I couldn’t get out of my head. So I went right back into the studio. As you know, I put our famous Santa in toy form in the S.W. Randall display window in “Santa’s Favorite Toy Store.” So I started thinking… “Why not do one more Jolly Old Elf painting?” Well, last week, I rang up Santa