Come on Down!

Hello from the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show! We have had perfect weather to go along with all the beautiful smiles Tom and I have seen so far this year!

There are plenty of big doings at the show this year as I celebrate my 28th anniversary as an exhibitor…

An old friend, Rob Pratte from KDKA, interviewed me this week. Years ago, I had the honor of painting him and his young children with the miniature train platform in his home. We reminisced, and he spoke of how I’ve documented Pittsburgh and its memories for all these years. Then he suggested subjects for three new paintings – each time, I said “I’m already on it!” One of them, of course, was Isaly’s.  I’m saving the other two ideas for another time because… well, actually, because I have a secret! And the problem with secrets is that I can’t tell you! But that secret is the reason that I may not be painting Isaly’s this year. Hopefully, I can share it with you in a couple of months.


I know I’ve said in the past that I sold all of my signature prints of Franco Harris, but then one buyer never followed through with the purchase, and I also found one hiding underneath a stack of unsigned prints. Well, the other night I actually did sell those last two Francos to another vendor here at the show. He also purchased a Maz and two different Roberto Clementes. So, I am very grateful for this show and for ALL the wonderful people we’ve met.

Don’t forget! The show isn’t over yet, and I’m still offering a sitewide 15% discount for online orders until Sunday, March 17th, at midnight! Just enter the code SPRING15 at checkout. It’s a great time to purchase gifts for all those special occasions before the savings is gone!

Have a great weekend… hope to see or hear from you soon!