Month: February 2020

I’m In The Zone

This image is an in progress image of Linda Barnicott's newest painting. The image features Linda Barnicott painting.

Today is one of those rare winter days in Pittsburgh, beautiful and sunny.  Too bad I’m “In The Zone” – holed up here in my studio and obsessed with my new painting.  Since I last wrote to you, eating, sleeping and everyday life in general have been on hold. I’ve hardly looked up from my painting to notice the weather or anything else. For all I know, we could be in the middle of a blizzard! I call it Being In The Zone because when I’m painting, I inhabit a creative dimension where time doesn’t exist, at least until I’m reminded that

The Life of an Artist

This image features Linda Barnicott's granddaughters, Abigail and Autumn (age 18 months), drawing together on a sheet of paper.

People often ask me what an artist’s life is like… questions like where do I get my ideas?  And what does an artist do all day anyway (other than hanging out in Parisian cafes while wearing a beret)? Do I paint every day? And if so, how much? As an independent professional artist, how I spend my days depends entirely on the season.  I’m likely to spend the most time in my studio in the Spring, which is when I create a lot of my new paintings.  Summertime is my big season for outdoor events and art fairs, then September

Tunnel Vision

This image features Linda Barnicott and her husband, Tom.

Sorry I’ve been off the radar for the last couple weeks – I’ve been very busy doing Artist Things!  Also, Tom and I took a much-needed four-day weekend break to recharge.  We visited Pennsylvania Dutch Country and stayed in the lovely old town of Strasburg at the historic Limestone Inn, built in 1786.  It’s almost like having a time machine! Yet as much as we appreciated the time away, I still couldn’t wait to come home and get started on my new painting.  As you may remember, I recently asked my readers for suggestions for a subject for my next