Out with the Old, In with the New

This weekend we will be saying goodbye to our beautiful Christmas tree, though I wish we could keep it forever!  This tree was our first Douglas fir, and it looks just as peppy as it did when we put it up… actually, maybe even better.

Every morning I turn the lights on, and every night at some point I sit for a while in our living room and just gaze at its beauty. We decorated our tree with Tom’s boyhood ornaments, giving it a very traditional, old-fashioned look and reminding us of happy holidays long ago.

The fir tree’s evergreen branches are a symbol of constancy, faithfulness, and the persistence of tradition. This year, that seemed especially appropriate to me because no matter how crazy the world gets, inside our home, there is peace.

In 2020, we created new traditions as we adapted to life in a pandemic. We saved a lot on gasoline… our hair grew… and we all learned to cook a little better (Tom is very happy about that!). I even lost my pierced ears – they healed shut!

As I look ahead to a new year, I wonder what it will hold. Two weeks in, it hasn’t been very exciting so far!  Mostly I’ve been dealing with the debris left behind after shutting down the Holiday Market early and fulfilling online sales. I’ve also been taking advantage of the good weather in the last few days, spending time outside, cleaning up my gardens and getting some fresh air.

Reviewing my emails over the last couple weeks, I was delighted to hear from several of you who gave my work as gifts this year. Your stories brought tears of joy to my eyes!

So now I would like to hear from you again… I’m heading back to the studio, and my options are open.  What should my next painting look like? What season should I paint? Will there be people in the scene, or will it be a long view? Any ideas?

Today, a friend told me that there is more to my paintings than just the subject. She said that I bring each one to life and give it a story of its own, told through my pastels. It really feels good to get such thoughtful feedback.

What would you like to see me paint in 2021? I would love to get your input and also hear about your own hopes and dreams and goals for the New Year.

Have a great week… and may you feel peace in your heart.