New Year Memories

After a busy and productive holiday season, it’s finally time to get out of town for my annual New Year’s R&R. As I flew away from Pittsburgh on a cool New Year’s Eve morning, it brought back memories of the many times I flew back and forth while Tom and I were dating.

My earliest memory of Pittsburgh was entering the city for the first time through the Fort Pitt Tunnel, which as you know, offers a spectacular introduction to Downtown Pittsburgh. Now this was back in the days long before Robinson was developed, so all the way up until the tunnel was mostly just tree-lined. I had no idea what was coming!

Tom just chatted through the tunnel like it was no big thing. But in that moment when we emerged from the tunnel and the skyline just exploded in front of us… it was breathtaking! That was the beginning of my love affair with our city. And each time I visited Pittsburgh after that, I added more memories of my future hometown.

During my 32 days in my chalet at the Holiday Market in Market Square, my heart was warmed by all the stories about treasured Pittsburgh memories that visitors shared with my crew and me… Stories of marriage proposals at the PPG Skating Rink or up on Mount Washington, anniversary dinners, theater dates, and or course, memories of our beloved Kaufmann’s Clock, this year more than ever.

As we enter a new year, I would love to hear your stories about your own favorite Downtown memories. Just drop me an email anytime at I’ll be back in the studio on January 10th.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2016… Linda

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