It’s Showtime!

At last, the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show has arrived! To say that I’m excited is an understatement! And for so many reasons – maybe it’s because this is my 20th year at the show… or the fact that Spring is finally predicted to arrive and bring better weather (fingers crossed for warmer temperatures and no snow for the next 10 days). Or maybe it was seeing old friends on the loading docks and on the show floor, with many of my fellow artist friends setting up right alongside of me in “Artists’ Row.”

Whatever is responsible, I’m certainly feeling inspired… and I’m looking forward to seeing many of you at the show this year. I’m at Booth #3146-8. To learn more about the show, visit my Calendar of Events.

PS… As this blog is being posted, there is only one copy left of “A Holiday Tradition”. So if you have your eye on that one, call me if you’d like to reserve this print before it’s offered to the public at the show. Please call my cell (412-722-9413) or shoot me an email at so I can set it aside for you.

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