I’m Racing to the Finish Line!

Today I’m going to do something unexpected… I’m going to share my latest painting with you – even though it’s not quite finished yet!

The painting is entitled “Porsche Fields Forever,” and it celebrates a great Pittsburgh tradition – The 34th Annual Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.

The project started over a year ago in the midst of early spring. I had the pleasure of working with a very special client, Jay, and as we stood on the field overlooking Oakland and the city, he did a great job of painting with words what the scene would look like filled with cars, tents, and people in midsummer.

I started out by creating a generic sketch based on some old photos Jay provided for me. Then in July 2015, I experienced the fun and excitement of the Vintage Grand Prix for the first time and met the wonderful people who shared the Porsche Field. I was intrigued by these beautiful cars in all their vibrant colors. In fact, I was so impressed by the colors that I actually bought a new set of rich, bright pastels from France just for this piece.

Every year, the Vintage Grand Prix raises funds for the Autism Society of Pittsburgh and the Allegheny Valley School to help provide care, treatment, and support for developmentally disabled people in the Pittsburgh area. Jay had a unique idea to raise money by offering the members an opportunity to have their cars featured in my painting, where I would replace a “generic” car with their car. This would go on until all the positions in the painting were filled. All these proceeds as well as proceeds from the sale of the prints would go to the above charities.

So over the last months, dozens of photos were taken and submitted. It seemed like I had emails every day from Jay as the spots quickly were snapped up. I was constantly redrawing the bottom of the painting with all the new cars coming in – and even a few cameos of folks who donated extra to put themselves in the painting!

I’ve been working on this painting for weeks, but it’s not quite finished yet, as the process of painting the meticulous details has been very time-consuming. People often ask me how I paint such detail in my pieces… well, this picture shows how I do it!

Today I’ll finish painting in the rest of the people. Then I’ll start what I call “orchestration” – taking the painting as a whole and making the small adjustments that make it a real work of art. Finally, I’ll take the painting to the framer, who will build the frame, add the brass plate, and put in a false back so that after the event I can take the painting back out and finish it to perfection.

Meanwhile, I’ll be appearing at the 2016 Vintage Grand Prix on both Saturday and Sunday (July 16 and 17). I’ve been invited to speak at the event under the big tent at the Porsche field to tell the story of my painting. Prints will be available for presale, as well as some of my other Pittsburgh art. I’ll be at the Grand Prix both Saturday and Sunday. CLICK HERE to check out my Calendar of Events for more details about the event.

So come on out to Schenley Park this weekend, enjoy the sunshine, and experience the excitement of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix… Hope to see you there!

P.S. – For this weekend only, the Porsche Club is offering a special price on the print for those who pre-buy at the show – a savings of $25.00. Instead of $175.00 for the Limited Edition Archival Giclee Print, for these two days only, it will be $150.00.

Again, all proceeds will be donated to help developmentally disabled people in the Pittsburgh area.

P.P.S. – I also want to thank my amazing husband, Tom, for taking care of me and keeping our household running while I was up to my elbows in pastels!

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