It’s Over When I Say It’s Over!

We had an amazing season this year at the Holiday Market. It was hugely successful, and I want to thank all of you once again for your support.

The only downside? With our insanely busy Holiday Market schedule, Tom and I didn’t get much time to enjoy our holiday décor this year. So we’ve decided to pretend it’s still December while we continue to enjoy our beautiful Christmas tree and all the beautiful twinkling lights nestled in pine boughs throughout our home. It’s one of the perks of being an adult… no one is the boss of me, so Christmas is over when I say it’s over!

That being said, I’m already ordering framed prints, metal prints, and gallery wraps for the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show.  It may be freezing outside, but the show is less than two months away!

Tom and I no sooner returned home from Washington, DC, and we got right down to work, organizing what we had left after the Holiday Market and figuring out what we need to order for the Home and Garden Show in March. Which wasn’t exactly easy, considering my studio looked like a bomb had gone off.  (I wish I had taken a photo of it, because you’d see that I’m not exaggerating!)  We would come home from Market Square, go down to the studio, and pull more stock. Then we would put new items together that night and early the next morning before returning to the Chalet to do it all over again.

So obviously, organization was critical to keeping up and staying (relatively) sane. We organized and then organized some more. As a matter of fact, I’m still working on organizing my studio because soon I’ll be painting again!

I appreciate everyone who reached out to me with ideas for this coming painting season. I’m taking them all into consideration as I make decisions about 2022. Your ideas mean so much to me, and I appreciate your time writing emails and posting on Facebook. Thanks again for your input!

Meanwhile, if you happen to need a gift of art for any special occasion (or maybe a midwinter gift for yourself to brighten up your home?), you can find me happily painting down in my studio most days. Check out my website –

I hope you have a fantastic week!

P.S. – Here are my girls getting a little homeschooling on their first Snow Day a couple weeks ago. You may notice Abigail in the back, swishing her hair back and forth. I do believe that child will be the gymnast in our family because those amazing neck muscles really get a work out, and somersaults are her favorite pastime!  Aria is growing up and acting all cool now (though she is still very sweet), while Autumn is so very innocent… but that girl has gumption! They are a real joy in our lives.