It’s Not Really Work If You’re Having Fun!

As I finish up my 19th year at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show, I’m really happy to start getting my life back to normal, do some painting, and fill orders. Exhibiting at the Home and Garden show makes for a grueling couple of weeks, first with packing up all the art and display equipment, transporting everything to the Convention Center, and then 10 days of nonstop meet-and-greet for the entire run of the show. Then it all has to come down and be transported back home, where we then have to unload it all!

Though it may seem weird, I love being at the Home and Garden Show for every minute of the entire 10 days. I hate to even miss a minute of it to take a break! You may wonder, “Why is she so dedicated?” The answer is “It’s not really work if you’re having fun!” What truly makes me stay in my booth for all those hours is the opportunity to hang out with some of the best people I know and to meet new friends. As each familiar group turns the corner to my booth, I hear “It’s so good to see you this year!” And when new faces visit my booth, I look forward to meeting them and getting to know them.

Another reason I look forward every year to the Home and Garden Show is that it means spring is in the air! Time to leave winter behind and start my favorite season!

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