“First Light”/Last chance at 15% off!

Is it just me, or did summer really fly by this year?

Back in early summer when I finished painting “Pittsburgh at First Light,” its September 1st release date seemed so very far away. I couldn’t wait to unveil this majestic painting of sunrise from the South Side Slopes. Now suddenly September 1st is right around the corner – just one week from today!

So this is the last week to take advantage of the one-time-only preorder discount of 15% off – the offer expires at 11:59 p.m. on August 31st. To reserve your print at this special price, just visit my website www.lindabarnicott.com and enter the code FIRSTLIGHT15 at checkout.

For the last week, I’ve been putting all the orders together and creating the Artist-Enhanced Giclee prints, getting them all ready to ship out on the 1st.

So what’s an “Artist-Enhanced Giclee Print?” Here’s a brief history of these special collectible limited-edition prints and why I offer them to my collectors…

Back in the day when I first started creating prints, they were all lithographs. Then in 2005, I discovered a great process to create giclee prints with archival paper and archival inks. That meant achieving a good color that would last upwards of 100 years. It was something I would be proud to sell my customers.

During the time I was printing four-color lithographs, I wanted to give my collectors a little extra “gift” from the artist. So on some of the prints, for a little something extra, I would draw a remarque – a rendition of one of my favorite parts of the painting – on the print in colored pencil under the title. For example, for the print, “Ride with Me on the Carousel,” the remarque was a drawing of the lead horse’s head.

When I switched over to giclees, I realized I could take my soft pastels and highlight right on the print; this was the birth of the Artist-Enhanced Giclee! It’s also a great way to get a larger piece, as they’re usually about 25% greater in size.  Also, the number of prints in the limited edition is smaller. For example, there are only 50 prints in “First Light” Artist-Enhanced Giclee edition. I always loved the idea of giving the customer a little “original” right there on the print in my own medium!

Well, an artist’s work is never done (because I don’t think of it as work!), so I’ll get back to it. Don’t forget, if you would like this painting for 15% off the regular purchase price, you only have until midnight on August 31st! Just use code FIRSTLIGHT15 at checkout at lindabarnicott.com.

P.S. – Here’s a glimpse of our other huge painting project – the before-and-after of our back patio and the start of our patio furniture, newly painted in Floridian colors! I’m not sure we will need any outdoor lights with this furniture. I think it will glow enough to see at night. In fact, it may even be visible from outer space. What do you think?