A Legacy of Love

You may have been wondering what happened last week when my usual cheerful email didn’t appear in your inbox.

I try not to miss a week very often. Even when I’m traveling and far from home, I usually manage to keep in touch and write to you every week. Most of the time I’m upbeat and happy about my career and the blessings in my life… in fact, I’m usually just thrilled with life itself.

I’m a person who always tries to “keep on the sunny side,” and I know I’ll find my way back to feeling that way again, although I’m finding it a bit difficult right now.

The last two weeks have been very rough for me and my family. My mom passed away on July 23rd, joining my dad, her parents, and the other loved ones who have gone before her. My mother was a beautiful soul, full of giving and joy, who loved her family more than anything.

There was another thing that she loved, and it was a subject that she was happy to talk about to anyone, at any time, whenever given the chance. That was me and my art.

Sometimes I would be just out of sight, and I would hear her proudly tell a friend (or often even a stranger!) that I was her talented artist daughter and how proud she was of my artwork. It never failed to bring a smile to my face.

I was very blessed to be her daughter, and I always strive to pass along the tremendous love she always showed me through to my own girls. I too am proud of my children and who they have become, and I cherish every day with them.

In a few days, Tom and I will leave on the trip of a lifetime – we’re going to Hawaii! Talk about a painter’s paradise! We’re looking forward to our visit to the islands for some down-time and especially a time of spiritual renewal. Until then, my goal is to get back to my work, though it has been hard to focus. There is still work to be completed and loose ends to be tied up before we go.

One thing I’ve been working very hard on these last couple months has been my brand-new, better-than-ever website. I can’t wait to unveil it for you! By the end of August, I’ll announce the new site launch and celebrate with a special sale on some of my art – a secret sale that will be just for my faithful readers. Stay tuned…

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