He Shoots, He Scores!

As I’m writing this, my family and I are cheering the Pens’ Game 7 victory in the Stanley Cup playoffs. We’re so thrilled to see the Pens move on to the Finals!

The timing is perfect because I’ve just completed an original painting of one of my personal heroes, Pens captain Sid Crosby. Needless to say, he’s grown up quite a bit since he was dubbed “Sid the Kid!”

Coincidentally, Sid suffered a serious concussion in a game a few years ago, while at the very same time, my daughter Brittany also received the terrifying news that she had sustained a severe concussion in a fall. As the days, then weeks, then months went by, our family watched as both Britt and Sid endured the same symptoms. We prayed long and hard for both of them to have a full recovery.

My heart went out to Sid again a week or two ago when he suffered another (though milder) concussion. That incident plus the Pens making the playoffs this season brought back those memories of when we all prayed for Sid to overcome his injury. So with Tom’s encouragement, I got out my canvas and pastels… and I signed the finished painting last week just as the horn blew to announce the win. (Of course, I’m a perfectionist, so I returned back to it a few times since to give it a more finished look.)

I’m not sure if there will be prints, but the original, 9 x 12 inches in size, is available for sale. Give me a call if you’re interested in adding this special painting to your collection!

After I finished Sid, I was still “high on art,” so I turned that energy to my latest “Jolly Old Elf” painting! I had Santa sketched out a few weeks ago, but you know how life can get in the way of finishing a project. I had to really be disciplined to get back to work, but finishing my Sid painting gave me the inspiration I needed.

“All Aboard with Santa” is the third in my “Jolly Old Elf” series of pastel paintings.

As I’ve mentioned before, working on my Santa pieces gives me great joy. I spent all day yesterday just getting his face perfect. I especially love Santa’s expression as he plays with the miniature train, gazing down the track as his imagination takes a ride. He’s also enjoying some Christmas cookies with a nice cold glass of milk. I added my Dad’s Santa ornament (can you pick it out?) and a few other treasured family ornaments… not to mention a ceramic “My Hometown” ornament!

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