A Chill in the Air?

Is it cold in here, or is it just me?

Even with all the 90-degree days this week, I’m feeling a chill in the air… maybe it’s just wishful thinking.
Or maybe it’s because my mind has been on the North Pole lately as I put the finishing touches on my latest Santa painting.

Try to picture the scene…

After a busy afternoon making toys in his workshop at the North Pole, Santa takes a well-deserved break. This is his favorite time of day, and he settles into his favorite chair by the glowing fire and enjoys a late afternoon snack of milk and Christmas cookies that Mrs. Claus has thoughtfully already put out for him.

Next to his chair is an overflowing bag full of letters mailed to him from young boys and girls from every country around the world. While Santa kicks back and reads a few letters, his kitty, Noel, is happy to share some time with him. She enjoys helping him with his work, and she knows that if she does a good job, there will be some milk left over for her!

What Noel will soon bring to Santa’s attention is the selfless letter from a little girl named Aria from Pittsburgh, PA, who writes:

“Dear Santa, I hope that all the people in the world find someone special to be with this Merry Christmas. Love, Aria”

For me, it’s sentiments like these that make the Christmas season so magical.

I’m still not finished with the painting and it doesn’t even have a title yet… but I am getting there! I’m putting on the final touches, and soon it will be available in plenty of time for the holiday season. If you would like to own a print of this finished piece, please contact me, and I’ll put you on the waiting list.

(Sometimes my paintings start with a title and develop from there, while some of them don’t have a title until I’m finished with them. I wonder why?)

This latest Santa painting says so much about me – sometimes I think maybe even too much! I’ll tell you more details about the painting in the next few weeks.

P.S. – You can see my upcoming shows on my calendar at https://lindabarnicott.com/events/. The Ebenezer Covered Bridge Festival and Mt. Lebanon Artists’ Market are the first out of the gate this month – I hope to see you there!