Painting with Flowers


I’m sorry I missed writing to all of you last week. My father-in-law has been very ill, and we’ve been focused on trying to get him the best care possible. It has been a quite a struggle, but I’m happy to say he is now in good hands and responding well to his new medication. [...]

He Shoots, He Scores!


As I’m writing this, my family and I are cheering the Pens’ Game 7 victory in the Stanley Cup playoffs. We’re so thrilled to see the Pens move on to the Finals! The timing is perfect because I’ve just completed an original painting of one of my personal heroes, Pens captain Sid Crosby. Needless to [...]

Busy as a Bird


There’s a beautiful birdhouse in the cherry tree just outside my window. It was painted by a fellow artist, and a bird family has made it their home for the last three years. As the birds come and go, chirping all day long, I think of how their lives are so busy… gathering the materials [...]

Baby’s First Art Show


Hi, it’s The Birthday Girl! Yes, today is my birthday, and it’s turning out to be a glorious spring day! I’ve been starting to wake up my garden now for the last couple weeks, getting my hands in the dirt and smelling the fresh air. It’s done a lot for my spirits. Anyway, this has [...]

In Market Square, Bird is the Word


In the last two weeks, I’ve shared stories with you about my first two Pittsburgh paintings. This week I’m going to skip ahead one and tell you a story about the fourth painting in my first Pittsburgh series, “Sharing the Season at Market Square.” When I began my preliminary sketches, I made the creative decision [...]

Mommy, there is your building!


While enjoying a little downtime after all the hustle and bustle of the Home and Garden Show, I came across an old photo that brought up a lot of happy memories… It was long ago, and I was the young mother of a precious little girl, Brittany. It was early 1990, but as you can [...]

All’s Well That Ends Well


As I write to you on this glorious sunny afternoon, I’m filling orders from the Home and Garden Show and getting ready to paint again. I’m also reflecting on the wonderful week I’ve had since we last talked. My latest painting, “Hills Is Where the Toys Are,” was featured on Pittsburgh Today Live with Pittsburgh [...]

Never Insult a Robin


All I did was say, in last week’s blog, that robins are overrated as a sign of spring and look what happened! I’m sorry! Talk about your Angry Birds… those robins can’t take a joke! I hope they’ll accept my apology and take back this winter weather! Regardless of the wind and snow outside, it’s [...]

Robins Are Overrated


We Pittsburghers don’t need a robin to tell us that Spring is coming – we know that the real first day of Spring here in the Burgh is Opening Day of the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show! Wow! Can it really have been a year since the last “Final Countdown” to Opening Day? Once again, [...]

Hot Off the Press!


Welcome to my busiest week of the entire year! Last week I announced the completion of my latest painting, “Hills Is Where The Toys Are,” and I even showed you a visual timeline of how I created it. The photo above shows the very first print as it rolled off the press a few days [...]