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Still Crazy After All These Years

All my life, my art, my painting, has been the way I express myself best and communicate my feelings. When I was a girl, I was very quiet on the outside. There was a lot going on inside my head, but to everyone else, I was just a shy little kid. If I liked you, the easiest way for me to express it was through my art. I would probably draw a portrait for you or maybe even make an attempt at a needlepoint gift (though I was really awful at that!). Sometimes I would even create something out of

Still looking for gifts? Check out my Immaculate Selection!

Happy Holidays to one and all! As the clock runs out on this holiday season, my Chalet is still full of prints and giftware for those last-minute gifts to share with family and friends. It seems like so many people are celebrating something special this year… I’ve sold out of a quite a few items over the last several days. Fortunately, today I was able to restock several popular pieces, but quantities are limited, so hurry on down before they’re gone! And speaking of something special, someone who is very special to me stopped by the Chalet this week. My

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Ho-Ho-Ho – It’s Linda! Every day for the last few weeks I’ve had the same routine. I wake up, and I dress in my warmest clothing. Then I head off to the Holiday Market in Market Square, where I get to hang out all day at my little Chalet full of art and gifts… and I love every minute of it! One of the best parts of the Holiday Market is that every day I have the privilege of meeting fascinating people from all walks of life. My smile could not be any bigger as we share stories and talk

Countdown to Christmas!

It’s been an exciting week at the Chalet in Market Square! At last, the weather is changing to something more like winter, so it feels more like Holiday Time. I’m not a fan of cold weather myself, but that just means adding a few layers of clothing and cranking up the new heaters that have been doing such a great job of warming up my chalet this year. I’ve noticed this week that some folks are just getting started on their holiday shopping, while others, believe it or not, are finishing up. They’re well ahead of me, that’s for sure!

The Merriest Chalet in Market Square

No snow yet, but it’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Market Square – especially at the fabulous Linda Barnicott Double-Wide Chalet! My first special visitor this week was Santa himself, who took a break from his busy seasonal schedule to stop by, admire his paintings, and wish me a Merry Christmas! Santa loves my newest painting in the Jolly Old Elf series, “All Aboard with Santa.” He says it makes him feel like a kid again! “All Aboard with Santa” is available as a limited edition giclee print, but it also comes in all sorts of

Getting Ready to Light Up Pittsburgh!

I’m writing this to you late Wednesday night as we’ve just finished setting up my Holiday Market Chalet down in Market Square. Tom took this photo of me decking the walls earlier this week. We’re pretty worn out… not only have we been decorating, but we’ve also been stocking the Chalet with a ton of inventory for the coming 36 days. I can hardly wait for the Holiday Market to get started! My new Chalet is bigger and better than last year’s – actually DOUBLE the size! If you’ve visited me at the Holiday Market in Market Square in the

Deck the Halls!

I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but if I don’t at least get my decorating started before the Pittsburgh Holiday Market starts next Thursday, there’s no way I’ll get it done in time for Christmas. (Don’t judge! Costco’s been ready for Christmas for at least a month already.) Following the hanging of my original painting “All Aboard with Santa” over my mantel the other day, I got inspired to keep going. Tom and I put on holiday music and began to deck the halls! For the first time in a long while, we have to keep the decorations up high –

Whooo’s Ready for the Holidays?

Here we are in November… but I couldn’t resist showing off our little Halloween owl . Aria seems to be a bit annoyed, wondering why Mommy made her wear this funny outfit with wings on the arms. But we did let her have a taste of candy, and let me tell you, she didn’t mind that part at all!Speaking of Aria, she sure has grown a lot since she modeled for me last fall. She was just 4 months old – the perfect age to stand in for Baby Jesus – when she posed for “Santa and the Greatest Gift,”

The Early Bird Gets the Best Selection

Though the pumpkins are still being carved and the candy is still uneaten, those of us whose businesses are busiest in the holiday season are already hard at work. The fall shows have begun, and I’m getting excited! It seems like every day there are decisions to be made, inventory to stock up on, orders to be filled, and generally preparing for the next two frantic months. For people like me in the art and gifts business, as far as we’re concerned, the holidays are already here! As I have been planning ahead for the upcoming rush on giftware items

Now That Summer is Over – What’s Hot?

What beautiful weather we’re having! It’s been more like summer for the last week, though it’s now turning a little more brisk and Fall-like. But I really don’t need to follow the weather forecast…  my schedule of shows tells me the holidays are at hand! The show at Fort Ligonier Days was even better than I had hoped. So many folks came out to enjoy the festival and picked up a few pieces of art for loved ones or as treats for themselves. I greatly appreciate all of you – thank you for supporting your friendly neighborhood artist! If you’re