Robins Are Overrated


We Pittsburghers don’t need a robin to tell us that Spring is coming – we know that the real first day of Spring here in the Burgh is Opening Day of the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show! Wow! Can it really have been a year since the last “Final Countdown” to Opening Day? Once again, [...]

Hot Off the Press!


Welcome to my busiest week of the entire year! Last week I announced the completion of my latest painting, “Hills Is Where The Toys Are,” and I even showed you a visual timeline of how I created it. The photo above shows the very first print as it rolled off the press a few days [...]

Pittsburgh Dad is My Muse


What a week this has been! I was submerged in The Painting Zone and didn’t surface until today. Last night – very, very late last night! – I finished my new painting, “Hills Is Where the Toys Are.” The painting got started with a seed that was planted last year at the Home and Garden [...]

It’s All in the Details


This week I’m working on what I call the “excitement” in my new painting – filling in the tiny details of the Hills Christmas shoppers as they come and go. One by one, I’m working my way through the crowd, finishing each of the figures. Just three people are left to paint… including Pittsburgh Dad! [...]

Out With the Old – In With the New!


As my art business grows and evolves, sometimes older product lines are discontinued to make room for new ones. With a new line of Christmas ornaments in the works for 2017, I’ve decided to stop production on my ceramic ornaments. The last time they will be available is at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show [...]

Groundhog Predicts At Least Six More Weeks of Painting


Despite the freezing temperatures and occasional snow, Spring is not that far away. Punxsutawney Phil tells us we have six more weeks of winter, but we Pittsburghers know that Spring officially arrives with the Home and Garden Show! This year, however, we were lucky enough to have another great show to tide us over until [...]

Creating Art In a Parking Lot


The sun was just peeking over the horizon on Saturday morning when Tom and I arrived at our location for the big Hills Department Store photo shoot. We chose this store for our photo shoot because it was very similar in appearance to the former Hills store I’ll be painting; it even had a red [...]

Wait, What Month Is It?


One of the perks of my business is that I get to have a little bit of holiday joy in my life all year round. Here I am in mid January, under a Christmas tree, playing with miniature trains. I get to play and call it “research!” Actually, it really does help get me into [...]

A New Year and New Paintings!


It’s a brand new year, and after my much-needed Florida vacation, I’m back in the saddle again! I have long list of new paintings planned for 2017 and can’t wait to jump in and get started. In fact, I already have photo shoots scheduled for a couple of them… including one with my favorite collaborator [...]

It’s a Wrap!


I’m writing to you from somewhere along the interstate in Ohio on my first real day off since late October. I’m definitely ready for some downtime after finishing off another successful year at the People’s Gas Holiday Market in Market Square. After over a month of 12+ hour days, we were SO ready to be [...]