“Kennywood’s Lion“


Color Lithograph Print
Image Size: 10″ x 8″
Edition limited to:
50 Artist proofs…$75
500 Signed and numbered prints…$60


It was 1927 – A new, beautifully painted, four-row William Dentzel carousel was purchased by Kennywood Amusement Park, and for 70 years it has brought joy and smiles to children of all ages. It’s original glory and colors remain the same today.

Swift, powerful, and strong is the majestic “Kennywood’s Lion” and his kingdom is Kennywood’s historic carousel.

Intricately painted in rich, soft pastels, Kennywood’s masterfully handcrafted Lion draws children seeking adventure. Just climbing onto his winged saddle gives them the thrill of being on a safari as they tingle with the excitement of sitting on the king of the jungle.