“Show Time by Kennywood’s Paratrooper”


Color Archival Giclée Print
Image Size: 12″ x 18″
Edition limited to:
125 Signed and numbered archival giclée prints…$150

Artist-Enhanced Color Archival Giclée Print
Image Size: 14″ x 21″
Edition limited to:
25 Artist-enhanced archival giclée prints…$400


There’s no one I know who doesn’t love the feeling of riding Kennywood’s Paratrooper with the wind in your face, trying to reach the trees with your feet as you fly through the sky – that’s my favorite part! And in the background, you can see another one of my favorite rides peeking through the trees. The Kangaroo is a perfect family ride for all ages… I love that feeling in your stomach as the car drops over the rise… and especially the fun of trying to squish the person who’s sitting on the end!