“All Aboard with Santa” 7″ Large Plate


Delivering toys to all the children of the world can get very tiring at times, and sometimes even Santa needs a break. As he walks around the house he smiles as he spots milk and cookies and an old train set. The next thing you know – the Jolly Old Elf himself is laying flat on his stomach.

Just as every child loves to view, he bends over so that his eye is over the train, creating a whole different world at that level. Santa cranks up the power a little. The train lights up and comes to life, slowly sparking and traveling down the track. Clickity-clack, the train circles round the platform and heads back to the curve. As the train roars past Santa and heads to the station, Ol’ St Nick just CAN”T resist: “CHOO CHOO! All Aboard!!!”

These metal plates are seven inches round.

Temporarily Out of Stock