June Gargaro Henry and Jane Zachary Gargaro

Wanting to present the best tribute possible, we commissioned Linda Barnicott to paint a portrait of Ken Gargaro. Even though we knew the quality of her work, Linda exceeded our expectations. When the portait was unveiled at Ken’s retirement gala, it was such a perfect rendering that it elicited gasps and tears from attendees. The true-to-life painting captured the essence of Dr. Ken Gargaro, from his contagious smile to the light in his eyes, wondrously revealing the love he had for music, his students, and the patrons of Pittsburgh Musical Theater. It was the finest gift we could have given.”

Linda,You are so wonderful; so eloquent, talented, and so full of life! I can’t express how much respect I have for you and the joy you bring to so many in Pittsburgh and elsewhere. You have the gift to bring much joy and happiness to others.I consider you a great friend and I hope you feel the same.