Jolly Old Elf Series

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  • “All Aboard With Santa”

    Santa cannot not resist taking a break when he happens upon the train set and a plate of cookies under the tree. Linda’s third painting in her Jolly Old Elf series, “All Aboard With Santa” captures an intimate moment in Santa’s long night.

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  • “Making Magic in Santa’s Workshop”

    In Linda’s painting, “Making Magic in Santa’s Workshop”, we have a peek into Santa’s workshop as he works late into the night finishing a special toy that will fulfill the Christmas wish of a special little girl. This is the second in Linda’s “Jolly Old Elf” series.

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  • “Santa’s Joyride”

    The painting, “Santa’s Joyride” is a companion print to “Making Magic in Santa’s Workshop”. It is a smaller open edition print that will make a “fun” addition your collection.

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  • “Santa’s Newest Reindeer”

    The painting, “Santa’s Newest Reindeer” is a companion print to “Shhhh!”. It is a smaller open edition print that you can add to your collection today.

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  • “Shhhh!”

    The painting, “Shhhh!” is the first painting in Linda’s “Jolly Old Elf” series of five holiday Santa paintings. This festive, bright print takes you back to your early childhood with thoughts of Santa who is jolly, warm, has rosy cheeks and wants nothing more than to make every little child glad.

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