Fort Ligonier Days are Here!

Have you ever been to Fort Ligonier Days? It’s all-day fantastic experience with great food and music, historical re-enactments, and of course the finest art and gifts!

It looks like Friday and Saturday will be perfect days to come out to the country (and don’t let a little rain scare you away on Sunday!). Ligonier Days is one of my very favorite shows of the year, especially with the beauty of fall and the wonderful people who always come to this event.

I will be in booths #16-17 in the Loyalhanna Lot located off South Market Street behind the fort. The show runs October 13th through 15th, from 9 to 6 on Friday and Saturday and then Sunday 10:30 am to 5 pm. I have so many new things to show you for the holiday season and would love to see you there!

On a more personal note, this has been a significant week for me because Tom and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary – 37 years of a truly happy marriage.

You may find this hard to believe, but back then almost everyone we knew said “It won’t last.” But we always knew it would.

You see, we mastered the long-distance relationship long before cell phones and texts made it easier. In those days, you had to wait until after 11 pm for the cheaper long-distance phone rates. And we actually communicated with snail mail. Every day I would get letters from Tom… some were even handwritten on napkins from a coffee shop at South Hills Village on his way to work (complete with coffee stains!).

Throughout the years, Tom has been my rock, the greatest source of support for my art career – the man behind the artist. He’s always challenging me to persevere, to excel, and to be more creative in every aspect of my work. He truly is my better half, and today I salute my husband and best friend.

Now, since you haven’t seen my granddaughter in a while, I couldn’t resist a showing you this photo with a little different aspect of her personality. There certainly are a lot of photos out there with her smiling – she does that all the time. But this expression was too precious not to share…

Can you believe how time is flying by this fall? It’s not too early to start thinking about gifts for the holidays! If you can’t make it to the show in Ligonier this weekend, check out my Brand NEW website at and let me help you with your shopping needs!

P.S. – There’s no time like the present to invest in beautiful original art!

My Original of the Month, “Game Time at Heinz Field,” would be an amazing addition to your collection of sports memorabilia or Pittsburgh art.

This is the one and only original, and it will last for centuries. From the glowing reflections on the water to the unique “Pittsburgh” sky, this painting is truly is one of my favorites. You can almost hear the crowd going wild in the stands.

If you have an interest in owning this or any of my other one-of-a-kind original paintings, please shoot me an email ( or give me a call at 1-888-PITT-ART.

I’m on a Roll!

This week has been a time of intense creativity for me. We had the pleasure of hosting a nationally known artist here in Pittsburgh, and I was privileged to attend her workshop. Of course, being “Pittsburgh Proud,” we had to show her all the sights. She was suitably impressed and told us “You have a beautiful city!” My head and my heart responded together – “Yes, yes we do! And we are so lucky to live here.”

You can google Christine Ivers and check out her work… both are pretty spectacular!

So what did we do with Christine, and what did I learn from it?

First we made our own boards to paint on, applying acrylic gesso with pumice to the board with a paintbrush to make the board archival. Basically, that means it will last for decades upon decades… maybe even centuries!

Then it was time to sit down and sketch and then paint with my soft pastels. My subject was the Lili Coffee Shop in Polish Hill. Because of the texture, I had to use all of my fun thick pastels instead of my tight skinny hard pastels, making the painting very “painterly.”

I loved the way the texture showed through the pastel – in fact, I do believe it could be an interesting addition to my paintings in the future. Let me know what you think!

Though I haven’t yet figured out how to clone myself, I have figured out a way to be at two shows at the same time this weekend!

Well, not exactly… but my family will be manning my booth at St. Thomas More Church in Bethel Park this Saturday from 9 to 3. Stop by and see them – they’ll be happy to help you fulfill all your gift needs. (Don’t forget to splurge on yourself, too! You deserve it.)

My actual physical self will be with Santa at the Courtney-Laughlin Gallery in Beaver for the Artist Walk on Saturday from 10 to 4. Of course, there will be photos with Santa all day long (perfect for Christmas cards!) and lots of my new work that I will be happy to sign and personalize for you. After you stop by, be sure to take a stroll down the street and meet the other artists who will be visiting.

The response to my new website has been very gratifying! Thanks again to all of you who have checked out my new updated website and have been ordering from there. It warms my heart to see those familiar names coming through on the order forms.

P.S. – October’s Original Painting of the Month is “Game Time at Heinz Field” – Perfectly framed to look great in your Man Cave but elegant enough for any room in your home or office. If you are interested in owning this one-of-a-kind collector’s piece, please contact me at 412-283-4072

It’s About Time

It looks like Fall is making a comeback today, and it’s about time! For now, I’m pretty excited about it, as I’m not normally a person who loves the hot summer weather. But check back with me after November 16th when I’ll be downtown at the Holiday Market in Market Square for 36 straight days, bundled up in four layers of clothing and complaining about the cold.

First, I just want to say thank you to everyone who visited my new website last week. It was great to see so many positive comments. I just updated the site with all my new giftware and prints, so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, just click here.

I would also like to thank everyone who took advantage of the 25%-off sale to purchase lithographs last week.  In my opinion, the best deal of the bunch was “Mazeroski’s Magical Moment,” officially signed by Maz himself. This print in particular has been a well-loved piece, and the ones he has personally signed are nearly sold out.

One interesting tidbit his wife shared with me – the Mazeroskis already had a Linda Barnicott painting hanging in their home before they even met me. It’s one of my Kaufmann’s Clock paintings, and it had a very special significance to them… you see, they met on a blind date under Kaufmann’s Clock!

Speaking of nostalgia… I’m trying out a new feature starting this week: Original of the Month.

Each month I will highlight one of my originals that I have in my home gallery, where I display all my original paintings so I can enjoy them until they find a happy home.

As you may know, I paint in soft pastels; however, my paintings are anything but pastel in color. Game Time at Heinz Field, a night scene with a true Pittsburgh sky, is my favorite of all my sports stadium paintings.

The painting itself is 14 x 24 inches, and with the framing, it measures 26 x 34 inches. It is double-matted with a wooden fillet in a black wooden frame. The brass title plate is shadowboxed in the mats.

My favorite memory of setting up this painting was standing near the big riverboat paddle wheels and seeing the stadium all lit up for the game as the shuttle cruised past me. The reflections in the water were so vivid that I knew exactly at that moment what the palette of the painting was going to be. I wanted to show the beautiful color reflections on the river and pair that with the excitement of the game.

This original has a purchase price of $6400.00. It is the only stadium scene I have left in the original form. Game Time at Heinz Field is one of a kind and will last for centuries. It really is a great investment in art for a collector with their own special memories of Heinz Field.

This Saturday Night I will be downtown in Market Square at the Night Market from 5 pm to 10 pm. If you need any gifts, or if you’re redecorating your home or office, stop by and see what I have to offer!

Linda Barnicott (.com) Got a Makeover!

Hi, it’s Linda!

Not me, exactly… but my cyber-self,, had a complete makeover and she is looking fantastic!

Yes! After months of brainstorming and hard, detailed work, my new website is finally live. I would love to hear your opinions, so check it out and let me know what you think!

It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned my work on the Forbes Hospital History/Community Wall mural. I had the opportunity to meet with the CEO of the Allegheny Health Network last Friday when several of us sat around a table and envisioned the final panel for the wall. What I love about this project is their interest in including the human experience… sure, there will be plenty of buildings, but my favorite part is the people who will be prominent in the painting and their place in the history of Forbes Hospital.

They’re planning a big gala event in April, and the plan is to unveil the entire painting then – Yikes! Nothing like a little pressure, right?

Well, let me be completely honest – I am extremely nervous about that because I’m just getting started painting it. The finished painting will be 1 foot by 10 feet in pastel chalk. There is a total of five panels with five different themes. It will be enlarged to 4 feet x 40 feet for the wall!

This is the biggest project I have ever done. Please pray for me, as my fall show season is starting. I have so many shows to take me away from the studio, and there is only one of me! I wish I could clone myself.

Speaking of shows… last week I had a tremendous show at the Covered Bridge Festival. I’m so grateful to all of you who came down to the Ebenezer Bridge and said hello. This weekend, September 23rd and 24th, I will be at the Mt. Lebanon Artist Market. The hours are Saturday 10 to 6 pm and Sunday 10 to 5 pm. The show is on Academy Avenue in the parking lot behind PNC Bank in the Washington Road Business District. This is my second year at the Artist Market, and I’m really looking forward to it.

It looks like the weather will hold for another glorious fall weekend. If you’re out and about, I hope you get a chance to stop by!

All Santa, All the Time on Etsy

Though we’re just a couple weeks out from Labor Day, my time seems to be filled with Christmas activities!

The big news this week is the launch of my brand new Etsy shop – LindaBarnicottArt. I spent much of the last week working together with my assistant Leslie to create.

LindaBarnicottArt on Etsy can be summed up as “All Santa, All the Time!” I’ve stocked it with all my favorite gift items and colorful prints. I hope you’ll visit my shop and have a look around. If there’s a piece you particularly like, make it your favorite. As a new shop owner, it’s important for me to get the word out, so I would really appreciate it if you could share it with your friends on social media.

Here is the link:

Another thing that has kept me busy lately is working with the framers to pick out exactly the right look for my original paintings, “All Aboard with Santa” and “Santa and The Greatest Gift.” As always. I spent a lot of time evaluating each frame to find the perfect one to suit each painting.

I also started the process this week of transforming my new paintings into giftware, and I’ve begun ordering the supplies I need to get ready for the coming Holiday Season. There’s so much to be done before the season officially arrives.

One thing that’s taking longer than expected is the launch of my new website. We’ve been working on it for months, but it still isn’t 100% ready. But we’re almost there! I’m not sure how I ended up with such a huge site… when I started out in 1995, it was fairly small. Over the next 22 years of painting and adding new merchandise, it has grown bigger than I could ever have imagined! So it’s been a lot of work to give it a makeover, but it will definitely be worth it when I can finally show it all to you.

After our summer break, Tom and I dusted off the tent this week and started getting the van ready! My first major show of the season takes place this weekend at the Washington County Covered Bridge Festival. I’ll be at Mingo Creek County Park. Look for me on the paved path close to the Ebenezer Bridge – take a right, and I’m just a short distance away. The festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday, September 16th and 17th, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Covered Bridge Festival is one of my favorite shows. It’s a big one and very well attended. The forecast is for beautiful weather this weekend… perfect for a country outing to kick off the fall foliage season. So stop by and see me!

Santa and The Greatest Gift

This has been quite a whirlwind week, in part because I’m still catching up after all my travels. But though it seems like I was on the road forever, I’m done with traveling for a while, and last week I was focused on completing this year’s Jolly Old Elf Series companion print, “Santa and The Greatest Gift.”

I’m very excited that we now have six paintings in the series, with four more paintings to go over the next two years. As I’ve planned the five-year series, I’ve experimented with some different concepts for the companion prints. But the fact that I chose this particular subject this year is actually a result of some impeccable timing.

Three years ago when I started the series, Tom and I had no idea that we would soon become grandparents. We didn’t anticipate that our daughter would give birth to a baby of her own last year, and that her baby would happen to be born in September… perfect timing to use her for an ideal Santa-and-Baby pose.

My granddaughter was just the right age to be my model for Baby Jesus. At that time, she was starting to become more interactive with the world around her, and needless to say, she was fascinated with Santa.

First, I had to shoot some reference photos to plan out the painting. Unfortunately, let’s just say that my photography skills leave something to be desired. (In fact, you might say they’re pretty terrible!) With the lower light, the photo had turned out yellow and blurry. However, this is one of those challenges that shows what an artist is made of!

I decided to go for an “Old Masters” look but with my own spin on it. I added in the rich blues that I’ve used in the other companion prints, “Santa’s Newest Reindeer” and Santa’s Joyride It was important to me to make the Christmas Star an element of the composition, I really wanted it to glow and make a statement. And as I did in my painting of Mother Teresa, “The Heart of a Saint,” my intention was to express the same deep eye-to-eye connection between the subjects of the painting that says “I love you.” I tried to capture Santa’s expression of profound joy as he cradles Baby Jesus in his arms.

The last important element in this painting was Jesus’ golden crown of light. I was going for something delicate, yet regal. I had the ideal image of its ethereal glow in my mind, and I feel that I was able to communicate that image onto the canvas.

I hope I’ve created a painting for you that will bring you a sense of peace and joy. It will be available online next week, but you can preorder it by simply sending me an email at or by calling 412-283-4072.

P.S. – The Fall Show season is getting started! Come see me at the Covered Bridge Festival in Washington County on September 16th and 17th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. This year I’ll be on the paved path, not too far from the Ebenezer Bridge. It’s a great show with a lot of fun activities and vendors. Come out and have a great time!

P.P.S. – If you have something special in mind that you would like me to bring for you, just contact me ahead of time at 412-283-4072, and I’ll have it there.

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Once Upon a Time

Happy Labor Day weekend… Where did the summer go? As I look ahead to the fall season, I’m remembering one of our family’s favorite end-of-summer activities.

Every single year since our children were born, we would pack them up and drive all the way out to Ligonier to visit Story Book Forest. Because we were pretty broke when the kids were growing up, we would go in the afternoon because it was half price after 4:00.

Story Book Forest was a magical place. Around every bend there was a new nursery rhyme or fairy tale. The girls really loved the crackers from Little Red Riding Hood and the little pigs and chickens further along the way. But they were afraid of the Little Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe – she was always so grumpy!

Did you know that Idlewild Park was owned by Kennywood? For their big anniversary year back in 2000, I created a painting, “Once Upon a Time in Story Book Forest.” But with the size of the park and its winding paths, it was quite a challenge figuring out just the right spot to paint.

Fortunately, one cool thing about being an artist is getting access to the parks in winter to take photos. Winter is the prime time for photography at the parks because I can get unobstructed views without the leaves on the trees or the bushes filled out. To my surprise, when I showed up at Story Book Forest, instead of having to go around every corner to see each story, I could stand in one place and see the whole park!

I chose to paint the Pirate Ship for a few reasons; one, because the kids loved the lollipops, but mostly because it was my husband’s favorite memory of him and his sister standing on the plank. Of course we had to take picture of our kids there every year too!

My favorite Story Book Forest memory of the girls involves the mushrooms they are sitting on in the painting. When they were little, they would try so hard to climb up these little rounded sculptures… then suddenly one year they could do it without even trying. My oldest told me, “It’s a conspiracy – they’re shrinking everything in this park!”

Back in those days, the park manager’s mom played Mother Goose. I always thought about how cool it would be to have Mother Goose for my grandmother! The family stopping to talk to her in the painting are dear friends of ours who actually posed in our front yard. We told the little girls to pretend our pine tree was Mother Goose. It was fun posing all my “models.”

It was also a blast designing the painting. I took a little artistic license and landscaped it to take advantage of parts of the park I could only see in my winter photos. For example, I turned around the sign that says “That-A-Way” so that you could see it in the painting, and I brought the Crooked House with the Crooked Mouse closer to the path.

CLICK HERE to get a better look at the painting on my website and to learn more about how you can purchase a limited edition print for your home!

P.S. – My granddaughter Aria turned one this week!

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Hawaii is for the Birds

Aloha, it’s Linda! Tom and I are finally back in town after our Hawaiian adventure, relaxed and fully re-centered.

I have so many stories to share with you about our experiences in Hawaii… Last week I told you about the flowers falling down like rain and the beautiful scents throughout the Big Island. But in addition to the incredible natural beauty of the islands, what impressed us the most was the joy of the people there, their politeness and generosity. Though the people of Hawaii are very diverse, we never sensed any tension, but instead felt an overwhelming sense of family.

One thing we didn’t expect – Honolulu was like any other big city, with eight-lane highways going through Waikiki. We saw more people standing on one street corner than we saw in Kona in a whole day!

Parts of Honolulu are a little like Beverly Hills, with streets packed with super-upscale stores and security guards who looked like Secret Service agents watching their doors. Tom and I could only imagine the prices as we walked by. Yet at the same time, you might see someone in their bathing suit running down the sidewalk holding their surf board. And anytime you stopped and just listened, you could hear laughter floating in the air.

Some of my very favorite stories from Hawaii, however, involve birds!

As Tom and I roamed around the Big Island and then Oahu, it seemed like there were chickens everywhere! Wild and free chickens who love being around people (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the food those people were eating!). I thought of all the rooster paintings you see everywhere and how it might be fun to paint one myself. The old joke, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” could have been written in Hawaii, as chickens crossing the road are an everyday occurrence there!

Then on the day we visited Pearl Harbor (a very emotional experience), I decided to get something to snack on since we had left without breakfast early that morning. Tom was taking in the exhibits when I texted him and told him I’d be outside by the exit, sitting on the wall. I bought some cashews and iced tea, ripped open the bag of nuts, and started to enjoy a few little nuggets of goodness. Suddenly, a pigeon jumped onto my arm! He cocked his head and looked at me as if to say “Well?”

I put my drink down to free up the hand he had landed on. I wasn’t sure if pigeons can eat cashews, so I hesitated, but he was not going to leave me alone. He pecked at the bag, so I gave in and fed him one. One gulp and it was gone! Then he looked at me again, like he was saying, “I know you’ve got more. Hand ‘em over!”

Then another bird landed on me. And then another! At one point there were at least nine birds on me, and a crowd had gathered (including Tom) to watch the show!

So here’s a picture of me that morning, losing my breakfast to the Animal Kingdom.

When I left for Hawaii, I have to admit I was feeling pretty down. But Hawaii’s magic did its work – I feel like my old self again, and I’m already preparing for a busy fall season.

I just heard that I’ll be getting a double-sized chalet this year at the Holiday Market in Market Square. I was on the waiting list, so I was holding my breath hoping that I would get one. I am thrilled about this since I’ll be able to show so many more art gift ideas and paintings.

Finally, my new website is nearly finished… so stay tuned for the unveiling! Have a great week.

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Blogging Hawaiian Style

Aloha! Imagine living in a land where flowers fall down like rain…

As Tom and I walk down the streets of Kona, flowers literally fall down from the trees, and the scent of them is intoxicating. I told him if we could only take the beautiful scents of Hawaii home with us.

Everything is so different from what we’re used to back home. The weather is always perfect, and every sunset is spectacular. The land itself is so different, with volcanoes and lava fields, green and black sand beaches, and rain forests instead of our three rivers and rolling hills. Even the trees and plants that grow here are completely different – there are so many palm trees, and flowers are everywhere.

I must have been super enthusiastic about our experiences in Hawaii because my daughter asked if we were considering moving here. Though I did tell her no (I did have to think about it!), we’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to stay awhile in this wonderful place. We’ve made many, many memories that will last us a lifetime.

Just so you know I haven’t completely checked out of business mode, I found a gallery here, “Colors of Paradise Gallery,” who would love to carry my “Jolly Old Elf” series for the holidays. We’ve had a delightful time getting to know each other and sharing ideas. Next thing you know, my Santa series will be available in Paradise!

This time next week, we’ll be on our way home, but I’m not feeling sad about it. Our time in Hawaii has been relaxing yet exciting, and very restful. When I get back home to the Burgh, I’ll be fired up and ready to get back to painting. I pray you all have a good week.

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Greetings from the Big Island!

Aloha! I’m writing to you this week from Hawaii, a place that Tom and I have always dreamed of visiting.

For many reasons, this is a week of gratitude for me. I’m feeling grateful not only because we’re here in one of the most beautiful places on earth, but also because I was overwhelmed by the response I received to last week’s blog about the loss of my mom. It simply wasn’t possible to keep up with all the sincere thank-yous that I wanted to extend to so many of you who wrote to express your condolences. Thanks to your friendship, my heart is full.

Tom and I had scheduled this trip to Hawaii many months ago. We debated whether we should call off our trip, but in the end, we pulled ourselves together and took off for the South Pacific.

Hawaii is truly a place for reflection. The raw beauty of the Big Island takes your breath away. Last night, we visited Volcano National Park and watched as the white steam rose up from the live volcano, Halemaumau, turning to red at night.

The people we’ve met so far on the Big Island have been incredibly kind and welcoming. The other night I met an artist who was painting outside his family’s art gallery. He told me that he had grown up on the island. I watched with great interest as he put the final touches on the painting he had started two weeks earlier – a beautiful sunset at Diamond Head that was inspired on a visit to Oahu.

We talked for a while, and then I showed him the completed paintings in my Santa series and my painting of Mother Teresa. He noted that Hawaii has a lack of good portraitists, and he felt I could make a good living here in the islands painting portraits.

I admit I did think about it for just a minute… such a wonderful thought… and oh so tempting! But I realize that particular fantasy will never be – my heart belongs to Pittsburgh.

Tom and I are just beginning our stay here. Though I didn’t bring my paints and canvas on this trip, I’m taking a huge number of photos with my good camera. We are surrounded by beauty – I could easily spend an afternoon just photographing the clouds. It’s all about capturing memories that will inspire future paintings.

I hope you have a wonderful week. And once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words and support. I will sign off by again saying Aloha – which means I wish for you love, peace, and compassion.

P.S. – While we’re here, my granddaughter is on vacation too. Here she is at the Virginia Beach Children’s Museum. I just couldn’t resist sharing this picture with you!

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