“Hills Is Where the Toys Are”

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Artist-Enhanced Color Archival Giclée Print
Image Size: 18″ x 25″
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25 Artist-enhanced archival giclée prints…$400

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“Hills Is Where the Toys Are”

“Shopping at Hills brought delight to childrens’ faces as they walked through the doors, smelled the popcorn, saw the scrumptious snack bar, and explored the wonderland of toys. It was as if the store was just for them.”

A year ago I met the renowned, “Pittsburgh Dad” and was immediately struck with an idea to collaborate on a painting. He told me of his childhood memories of Hills Department Store and how he would wait excitedly in long lines outside the store for a newly released action figure. I came up with a plan to not only include him as Pittsburgh Dad in the painting, but also as himself along with his wife who was sipping from an iconic Icee cup. I also asked Santa from my “Jolly Old Elf” series to pose as a Salvation Army Santa in front of a typical Hills department store which he did enthusiastically.

During the earliest phase of development I decided to conduct a contest for the best memory of Hills with the winner being given an opportunity to be in the painting. What a marvelous and touching story I received from a woman named Caitlin and so she and her mom were invited to a photo shoot with “Dad” himself. I was on my way to creating the painting! Every evening, after I finished my day’s work I took a photo and sent it to “Dad” so he could observe and comment on the progress. It was a joyful collaboration all along the way.

The original painting of this print, “Hills Is Where the Toys Are” is available for sale.

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