“125 Years of Idlewild Fun”

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In celebration of Idlewild Park’s 125th anniversary, Linda was commissioned to create a unique pen and ink limited-edition print called “125 Years of Idlewild Fun.” It is a conceptual rendering of Idlewild Park at the turn-of-the-century and will be used in Idlewild’s publicity ads during the summer of 2002 as the park celebrates their special anniversary. Collectors of this print will experience a nostalgic look at the past as they enjoy this charming image.

Pen and Ink Lithograph Print
Image Size: 7 3/4 x 11 1/4″
Edition limited to:
40 Artist proofs… $45
400 Signed and numbered prints… $35

Because of the success of “100 Years of Fun”, released in the summer of 1998 to celebrate Kennywood’s 100th anniversary, Linda also released two new pen and ink limited edition prints, “Laughing Through Kennywood’s Le Cachot” and “Summer Splash at Sandcastle”. All three pen and ink prints are great companions, and are part of Linda’s series, “Nostalgic Kennywood Park”, which has been warmly received by park enthusiasts and the public alike.

Just released, “125 Years of Idlewild Fun”. Linda was commissioned, by the park, to create this charming pen and ink rendering that takes a nostalgic look at Idlewild Park at the turn of the century. It will be used in the park’s publicity ads as they celebrate their special anniversary during the summer of 2002.